Quiz: Who Said It? Kathy Hilton on RHOBH, or Tanya on The White Lotus?

RHOBH Kathy Hilton The White Lotus Tanya

This year has graced us with the arrival of two fabulously wealthy blonde queens… and honestly, we’re having some trouble telling them apart.

In May, Season 11 of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered, with Kyle Richards’ loopy socialite sister Kathy Hilton joining the cast. And just as Kathy was becoming a breakout star with her quotable one-liners, The White Lotus debuted on HBO in July, with Jennifer Coolidge stealing the show as equally loopy socialite Tanya McQuoid. (That’s one syllable… well, two syllables, but the second part is one syllable.) We fell in love with them both instantly, and realized that their unapologetically weird personalities are practically a perfect match for each other. (Could Coolidge play Hilton in a future biopic, or at least a Watch What Happens Live sketch? Please?)

So with Part 3 of the RHOBH reunion airing this Wednesday (8/7c), we’ve cooked up a daunting challenge for you. In the quiz below, we give you a series of quotes, and you tell us who said each one: the faux Martini-chugging Kathy Hilton, or the real piña colada-chugging Tanya McQuoid. And we warn you — it’s not easy.

Scroll down to take our quiz, and then tell us in the comments how you did. If you manage to get a perfect score, we raise our glass to you. Wee-hee! (Don’t see the quiz below? Click here to play!)