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Legends' Caity Lotz Talks White Canary Costume's Return in 100th Episode (and the Supersuit She Really Misses)

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Sara’s former time-shipmates weren’t the only returns during Legends of Tomorrow‘s 100th episode on Wednesday.

As Astra and Spooner traveled through Gideon’s memories of previously unseen moments with the OG Legends, they came across several “deleted scenes,” so to speak, from the show’s first season. In those tense early days aboard the Waverider, Sara squared off with her new teammates Captain Cold, Hawkman and Ray Palmer while sporting an early style of the White Canary supersuit.


Legends of Tomorrow“It was fun to wear this Season 1 version of the costume… because the White Canary costume [has] evolved over time,” star Caity Lotz tells TVLine.

While the tight leather getup isn’t exactly comfy, “every time I put the White Canary costume on, it reminds me — just because our show is so different — of old Arrowverse days. Like costumes, superheroes and suiting up,” Lotz describes. “Even when I have the pants on, and I have my sneakers with it, it brings me back to all of our crossover days and seeing the Green Arrow [with] his costume on — we’ve all got our comfy shoes on — and Flash. It does bring back old memories, for sure.”

Sara Lance Black CanaryBut does Lotz miss the White Canary supersuit, which Sara has very possibly not donned since the Season 5 finale, as much as fans seem to? “Ummm… no,” the actress admits with a laugh. “You know which one I miss? I miss the Black Canary costume, and I think I miss it because that one I haven’t worn in so long.”

The milestone episode also allowed Lotz to channel Sara circa Season 1, who was a much different person than she’s evolved into over the past seven years. “That was weird. I was like, ‘Who am I? I don’t even know. This is confusing,'” Lotz says of inhabiting an earlier version of her character. “Because at that time, she was a lot darker, a lot tougher, and she wasn’t the leader that she is now. So it was interesting to play, and it was hard to find, almost. Also, the tone of those scenes with the old Legends, we weren’t playing it in Season 1. [In this episode], we were playing like Season 1 Legends in the tone of Season 7. It was interesting to find those characters for all of us, I think.”

Legends of Tomorrow 100th EpisodeLotz was faced with another challenge as the episode’s director: trying to fit the show’s large cast and many guest stars into one Waverider hallway during a meaningful final scene with Gideon.

The ship’s set is “not like 20-people big!” Lotz notes. “At first, it was in the bridge, and everyone was supposed to be lined up,” but that setup was a little too reminiscent of Rent. “That’s why we decided to do it in the hallway and make it more of a journey, like Gideon walking through those last bits of memories and through her subconscious to make it back to present day,” Lotz explains.


Plus, wrangling the large ensemble of current and former series regulars was no easy task. “Everyone’s excited to see each other and wanted to talk and hang out, and of course, I’m like, ‘OK, now shut up. We’ve got to get back to work,'” Lotz adds with a laugh.

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