SEAL Team Recap: Squid Game — How Are Jason's 'Headaches' Going?

SEAL Team Recap

CBS’ SEAL Team this Sunday night wrapped up Season 5’s two-part premiere, in which Bravo plotted to very, verrrrry carefully sneak a scientist out of North Korea — even as every part of their plan seemed to hit a snag.

Part 1 left off with Bravo’s smuggler contact, Kawan, getting scooped up by the patrols outside scientist Jin Yong’s well-guarded barrack, while Ray (as overwatch) and Trent looked on from their blind. Meanwhile at the power station where Clay, Jason, Sonny and Brock aimed to trigger an outage that would de-electrify a river crossing, but when more guards patrolled than expected, Jason and Sonny nearly had a run-in with (and may have had to risk shooting) one guard who stopped for a cigarette break.

Meeting back up at Kwan’s bunker, Bravo put their heads together to figure out how still to help Jin defect, since his after-work walks were only every other day. Bravo waited out the daylight, after which Jason and Clay slipped inside Jin’s barrack before he was driven home from work. They then grabbed/muffled him as soon as he stepped inside the door, and explained their business. There was a close call with two guards who came knocking, but that’s where Part B of the plan came in, as Sonny rigged a nearby Jeep to explode, distracting the guards and letting Jason and Clay slip away with Jin.

Undernourished, weak and wearing nothing close to proper shoes, Jin proved difficult to lug back to the exfil point, but Clay traded footwear with the guy, and the others took turns lending Jin a shoulder. Just ahead of the beachfront where they would slip into the water and meet up with a sub, they detected a minefield. Jason used a telescoping metal rod to feel ahead and slowly but surely lead them on a safe path through. But after clambering down a cliffside to the beach, it was realized that Jason dropped/forgot the detector rod — and if found, it’d possibly reveal that they’d set foot in North Korea and trigger a catastrophic chain of events. So he and Clay scaled back up the cliff, fetched it, and everyone safely made their way to the sub.

Even so, the issue of Jason’s “headaches” and forgetfulness was a recurring one during the two-parter, to the point that Clay finally, if fruitlessly, raised it with Bravo. 1. Jason, though, clearly is himself worried, since in the final scene we see back at home in his kitchen, repeatedly trying/failing to remember the (sparse) contents of his fridge.

Elsewhere in the two-part season premiere: Lisa (who got asked out for drinks by a guy who was impressed with an argument she made at some sort of hearing) and Sonny acknowledged, again, that their situation is unfair but also not changing…. Even at the risk of career-derailing word getting up to command, Ray shared with the rest of the team that he is suffering from PTS, and they supported him/his recovery efforts… And Stella revealed to Clay that their “lots” of sex has led to a pregnancy!

What did you think of SEAL Team‘s two-part premiere? And remember, following the Oct. 31 episode, the rest of Season 5 will only be available on Paramount+.

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