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YOU Season 3's Biggest Victim Breaks Down Their 'Emotional' Finale Death

YOU Season 3

Spoiler alert: We’re about to break down the Season 3 finale of Netflix’s YOU. Haven’t watched yet? You’ve been warned.

We all figured that Joe and Love’s marriage was bound to go down in flames eventually — we just weren’t expecting it to happen so literally.

The final episode of YOU Season 3 brings the couple’s suburban nightmare to its climax, with Joe cutting off his own toes and baking them into a pie, then burning down the house and framing Love for the whole shebang. It’s a tragic end to a twisted tale, one that was apparently as difficult to play out as it was to watch unfold.

“It was incredibly challenging dying as this character,” Victoria Pedretti tells TVLine. “I’ve never inhabited a character like this for so long. It was very emotional.”

That said, Love’s untimely demise didn’t come as too much of a surprise to Pedretti, who says, “I knew [Love] was going to die at the end of this season pretty early on. I knew I wasn’t going to be on the show past two seasons, so I assumed that she would die.”

And while Love’s death may not come with a side of justice, at least her story gets some closure. For starters, we find out exactly how Love “accidentally” killed her first husband. Say it with us: Too. Much. Paralytic.

“From the flashbacks last season, we knew that he died and that she played some role in it,” Pedretti says. “But I didn’t know the specifics until seeing her tell the story at the end, and I do believe that she’s being honest when she says that it was an accident.”

Love is also now reunited (in the spiritual sense) with her late brother Forty, whose death at the end of Season 2 affected his twin in ways she didn’t even quite process. That’s why it was so special for the siblings to share some scenes together in Episode 6 when Forty came to Love in a hallucination.

“It was amazing,” Pedretti says of the unexpected reunion. “A lot of the ways in which [the season is] written, Love isn’t really talking about her grief or dealing with it very much. She certainly hasn’t found much solace in her husband, so we were reminding the audience that this is a woman who is in grief. She’s dealing with the loss of her twin, who she was extremely close with and extremely devoted to. It was also great to work with [James Scully] again, because he’s the best. We just got to hang out in a bath tub all day, you know? It’s not an experience you expect to have on set.”

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