SNL Cold Open Tackles NFL Email Scandal With Excuse-Happy Raiders Coach and... LeVar Burton? — Watch

How many Saturday Night Live cast members does it take to cover every terrible thing about the National Football League? Does the show even have enough actors? In this weekend’s cold open, we found out.

Let’s count….

For starters, 1) Cecily Strong starts off as the NFL’s Head of PR – who doesn’t want to give her name, out of shame.

Next was 2) Colin Jost, taking a rare turn away from the Weekend Update Desk to play NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. He was there to address Raiders coach Jon Gruden’s emails, in which he was referred to as, “The ‘f’ word, the ‘p’ word, the ‘c’ word, the ‘r’ word, the effing ‘r’ word, and the effing ‘r’ word ‘p’ word.”

He was followed by 3) Jon Gruden (played by James Austin Johnson), who blamed autocorrect for all of his expletives (apparently he was trying to type “frigates”?).

Coming in at No. 4, Alex Moffat played team owner Mark Davis, and gets in a great line about his hair looking like Donald Trump’s haircut gave him a haircut.

The audience perks up for 5) Pete Davidson as Larry Rucker, who immediately resigns. Next was 6) equipment manager (Andrew Dismukes) and 7) a cheerleader from the Washington Football Team (Heidi Gardner) who introduces the team’s new, differently offensive Italian mascot (Kyle Mooney).

The whole affair is wrapped up by 8) Colin Kaepernick (Chris Redd), who obviously knows a thing or two about racism in the NFL, and 9) Kenan Thompson as LeVar Burton, who might be the only person who could actually coach the Raiders without controversy. (Even if they did reveal offensive emails, how could anyone stay mad at him while he’s singing the Reading Rainbow theme?)

Here’s hoping the league doesn’t have another bad week, or SNL will have to start rehiring performers.

Watch the clip by pressing PLAY above (and grade host Rami Malek’s episode below), then drop a comment with your full review.

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