Succession Stars Preview Season 3, Tease Shifting Loyalties: Who's Team Kendall, and Who's Team Logan?

Succession Season 3

Succession is going to host a very awkward family reunion when it returns for Season 3 this Sunday (HBO, 9/8c).

The Season 2 finale saw corporate scion Kendall Roy turn on his father Logan and accuse him of a host of crimes in a dramatic press conference. That act of rebellion drew a big battle line right down the middle of the Roy family, with Kendall on one side and Logan on the other. But who else will end up on which side? And who will ultimately claim victory in the inevitable power struggle to come?

Kendall thinks he’s already won: He sees that press conference as “a kill shot,” Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall, explains to TVLine. “I have slayed the dragon that has ruled over and been a debilitating and abusive force for my whole life, and I’ve broken free.” The adrenaline rush of finally standing up to his father leaves Kendall feeling otherworldly, he adds: “I think I see myself as a kind of savior… It’s sort of a state of flight. And there’s something manic about that.” After Kendall’s press conference, “there’s an expectation that that will lead to changes, and that people will follow me on my crusade.”

Succession Season 3 Episode 2 RomanBut not everyone is eager to sign up for Kendall’s crusade. His brother Roman won’t rule out a team-up, Kieran Culkin hints: “He’s no fool. You have to consider all options… We’ll talk about the alternative.” But in the end, “all I’ve ever known is Dad wins, always, and he’s the guy. And Kendall is definitely going down.” Kendall’s sister Shiv is also wary of his mental state, according to costar Sarah Snook: “She’s sort of sensing there’s something unhinged about Kendall… Is that someone that you really want to hitch your wagon to?”  

As for Connor, the eldest Roy sibling played by Alan Ruck, “he’s just looking for the best possible outcome” for himself, Ruck notes. “He’s always looking for a financial advantage and to reap all the rewards with putting no effort into it whatsoever.” While Connor would normally lean towards siding with Logan, “his relationship with his father is more broken than usual” after that dust-up on the yacht in the Season 2 finale. But then again, “Kendall is clearly insane,” Ruck adds. “He’s just gone right around the bend. So I’m not sure Connor knows which way to turn.”


Succession Season 3 Premiere GerriGerri already tried working with Kendall to wrest control of the company in Season 1, “and she lost all confidence in him,” J. Smith-Cameron reminds us. “He’s an unstable character. He’s a troubled soul. I think he seems sort of doomed to Gerri.” After that failed coup attempt and “the way that Logan bounced back and keeps bouncing back, I feel like she’s pretty committed to Logan.”

So Logan Roy should feel pretty good about all the people he has in his corner, right? Well, maybe not. “He doesn’t trust anybody,” Brian Cox, who plays the Roy family patriarch, observes. “Logan has got as far as he’s got by not trusting people. He’s constant in that, though.” The press conference may have seemed like a game-changer to Kendall, “but for Logan, it’s another table tennis ball that he flicks away, and then another one comes, and another one comes.”

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