Twenties Season 2 Premiere Recap: Post-Coital Miss — Plus, Grade It!

Twenties, Ida B. and Hattie

Figuring out who you want to be is a big part of young adulthood. If you’re lucky, you might even find someone you love to join you. This was one of the overriding themes when BET’s Twenties roared back for Season 2.

The sophomore opener bowed Wednesday night with Hattie and Ida B. basking in their post-coital bliss. Sadly, Hattie fumbled that warm and fuzzy feeling by telling Ida she’d make a beautiful bride someday. Hattie tried to explain to Ida that she’d dreamt about her as a bride, but every sentence was wilder than the next, and by the time Hattie asked Ida if she thought Bishop T.D. Jakes would officiate their wedding, Ida was thoroughly freaked out and headed for the door.

Miffed by Ida’s rejection, Hattie doubled down and told Ida she would’ve kicked her out anyway because they were lying in Marie and Chuck’s bed and they’d be home soon. As if on cue, Chuck and Marie comically returned to their place and Hattie told Ida she’d have to leave out the back door. This only annoyed Ida further, and she called Hattie a child.

Twenties, Hattie After Ida split, Hattie ran out to greet her friends, who she’d been staying with after she got evicted. Marie was tipsy and reciting poetry (or as Hattie hilariously put it, was “Maya Angelou drunk”), and Chuck was happy and accommodating because he’d asked Marie to marry him and she said yes. In all the excitement, Hattie had failed to change Marie and Chuck’s sheets or clean up their room, and when Chuck found Ida’s red lacy panties in their bed, that was the last straw. The two kicked Hattie out.

Short on options, Hattie ran to Nia, who begrudgingly let her stay with her. In turn, Hattie told Nia all about her dalliance with Ida (who is Nia’s boss), and Nia couldn’t get enough of that piping hot tea. But Nia really needs to be more discreet, because when she complimented Ida on her “glow” the next day, Ida totally knew Hattie had put her business in the streets and she wasn’t happy.

Unaware of what was going on between Ida and Nia at work, Hattie flirtatiously texted Ida but used “you’re” instead of “your,” and Ida quickly corrected her grammar and ghosted her. When the two later met up, Hattie refused to kiss Ida in public because Ida isn’t gay and Hattie refuses to be closeted. But there were sparks, and something tells us these two are just getting started.

Elsewhere in the episode, titled “One Night Only?”: Marie is still unsure about marrying Chuck and she’s still battling Ben, the other Black executive, at work… Nia is doing great at work but something is missing… and Hattie is putting herself out there more and submitting her scripts around town.

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