Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 3B Premiere Recap: Andi Claps Back at Gary, and Maurice's Fate Plays Out — Grade It!

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Q and Maurice

Fans have been waiting for two revelations with the return of Tyler Perry’s Sistas: Would Andi finally leave Gary alone, and would Maurice be OK now that Q was holding him at gunpoint?

The answer to the Maurice conundrum arrived Wednesday at the start of the Season 3B premiere. Q gave Maurice some mismatched clothes to wear to the bank, and Q removed Maurice’s gun from his nightstand so that he would keep the upper hand. Maurice begged for a better shirt to match his floral pants, but Q was unamused and kept yelling and pointing his piece.

When Maurice said that he didn’t have access to the bank vault, Q said that they would go and get Sabrina. Oh brother. Poor Maurice, and poor Sabrina. Turns out they waited for Sabrina at the bank instead, and now Q is holding both of them at gunpoint, and so are his accomplices.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Andi made out with Robin at her office to get over Gary, and she was doing a great job rounding the bases with her lawyerly colleague until her guilt kicked in. Even Robin was confused by Andi’s reticence, but all she could say in response was that she didn’t know what the status of her relationship was with Gary.

She also used the time to ask Robin some questions like why he’s still single, considering his professional success and good looks. Robin said it’s because he has been waiting for the right woman, but Andi thinks Robin is a player. And he probably is. None of this seemed to stop the sparks from flying between the two, and just like that, they were locking lips again until a slightly tipsy Andi said it was time to go.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Andi and GaryAndi decided to go home, and that’s when she got into a confrontation with Gary who demanded to know where she had been all night. A snarky Andi said she was at the gym, which was a reference to the lies Gary told her and his ex-wife whenever he was cheating with someone else.

Gary said he refused to let Andi provoke him, and he even halfway admitted that he was actually leaving to see someone else. However, it was unclear if that someone else was his therapist and if he is in fact cheating with her. That said, is it even cheating if Andi and Gary are broken up? They are broken up, right? So why hasn’t Andi kicked that fool out and gotten her locks changed yet? Gurl.

Meanwhile, Zac and Fatima are blissfully happy and cutesy. They even made plans to go and look at a house Zac wants to buy during Fatima’s lunch hour. But somehow, Hayden was listening in on the call at Fatima’s job and decided that if Zac has money, he must be doing something illegal. Sigh.

Hayden needs to get some business instead of acting like a professional hater. Fatima told Hayden as much when she called him names and kicked him out of her office. Robin ended up cussing out Hayden, too, when he flippantly disrespected Andi. Can someone punch Hayden in the face, please? Or fire him? Maybe Robin can because he’s a boss at the law firm now.

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