Chicago Fire Recap: Is [Spoiler] Leaving the Windy City — For Good?!

Is one of Chicago Fire‘s OGs preparing to say goodbye to Chi-Town — and the show?!

In Wednesday’s episode, Casey (played by longtime cast member Jesse Spencer) traveled to Oregon to check in on Griffin and Ben Darden, and what he found when he arrived was not pretty. The boys’ house was a mess, and their aunt had actually left a month ago, so Griffin was holding down the fort by himself. Ben, meanwhile, was staying out late and possibly using drugs.

Casey, at first, attempted to teach Griffin some easy recipes, but he soon realized that it was going to take a lot more than chicken parm to make this situation better. Even his “heroic” egg-in-a-hole couldn’t get Ben to open up. When Casey later announced that he was meeting with the boys’ social worker and Ben’s guidance counselor, Griffin begged him not to say anything about their aunt being gone so they wouldn’t be sent to a foster home. Casey insisted that he just wanted to talk about how he could be of help.

Chicago Fire RecapBut when the social worker and guidance counselor revealed to Casey that they already knew about the MIA aunt, meaning Griffin and Ben were going to be sent to separate foster homes, Casey announced that he wanted to take them back to Chicago as their guardian. The two women, however, told him that it was a bad idea to remove the boys from their friends and school. Plus, their mother probably wouldn’t allow it, seeing as how the correctional facility is a short drive from their current location.

A dejected Casey went to leave Ben a goodbye note and spotted his firefighter badge, as well as a photo of the firehouse crew with Andy Darden, in Ben’s room. When he came back to Chicago, Casey took a long look at a sleeping Brett, then confessed to Herrmann that he might need to make a big change.

“We’ve always said any firefighter’s child is every firefighter’s child,” Casey said. “Herrmann, I think I have to move to Oregon, take care of those boys.”

“I gotta be honest, it breaks my heart to hear you say that, because it means you leaving 51, but… it’s what Andy would have wanted,” Herrmann replied. Gulp!


Elsewhere in the episode:

* Ritter and Eric realized the passion is no longer there between them and broke up, knowing it was the right thing to do.

* Paramedic chief Hawkins was so impressed by Brett during a ride-along that he convinced the department to fund her paramedicine program for six months. Brett, in turn, asked Mouch to partner up with her.

Fire fans, what do you think the future holds for Casey? Hit the comments!

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