Roswell, New Mexico Finale Video: Can Jones Be Stopped Without Losing Max?

Is Roswell, New Mexico about to make us suffer through Max Evans’ death all over again?

TVLine has an exclusive first look at tonight’s two-hour season finale (The CW, 8/7c) in which the hero-haired alien prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice.

“I’m here to beg you to do what I may not be strong enough to do — kill me and stop Jones,” Max tells Michael, who isn’t about to let his fellow triad member go full kamikaze.

“You’re beating yourself before Jones even has a chance,” Michael responds, adding that the person he should be talking to is Liz. “We can’t walk away from the tough conversations with the people who love us.”

Per the two-part event’s official logline, “Isobel helps Kyle save a life, Jones needs something from Michael, and Liz and Heath continue to work on the science in the hopes of stopping Jones. Everyone is working together to try and defeat the dictator, but will they all make it out alive?” And in the second hour, “the ultimate showdown with Jones is finally here and Liz must trust herself if she is going to the save the man she loves.” (Stressful!)

Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at tonight’s finale, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Season 3 below.

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