9-1-1 Recap: The Search for Maddie Takes a Dramatic (and Violent) Turn

9-1-1 Recap

Maddie remained very much out of the picture on Monday’s 9-1-1, as Chimney struggled to comprehend why the mother of his child would suddenly abandon them both.

While Buck was far more accepting of his sister’s decision, explaining that she sometimes likes to “put distance” between herself and her problems, Chimney insisted that there must be more to this story. He even questioned whether Doug could have kidnapped Maddie, even after Buck reminded him that Doug is dead. “Is he, though?” Chimney replied. “I mean, did you see a body? Did anybody see a body?” (Relax, Chim. We’re talking about Doug, not Michael Myers.)

The plot thickened when Chimney received a letter from his insurance company regarding Jee-Yun’s recent visit to the emergency room, which Maddie obviously neglected to tell him about. He even tracked down the doctor who treated Jee-Yun and poured his heart out to her on the street — a full-on emotional breakdown in which he admitted that he should have been checking in on Maddie while the world was falling apart.

Speaking of things falling apart, Chimney went apes–t on Buck when he found out that Maddie called her brother before suddenly taking off. Understandably furious that Buck kept that from him for an entire week, he punched Maddie’s brother in his beautiful face. Buck maintained his position, but after speaking with Eddie, he realized that Chimney may know Maddie better than he does. (I would have preferred that they discuss it over pillow talk, but whatever.)

The episode ended with Chimney taking off in search of Maddie, promising Hen that he would be back when his mission was over. You know, just in case this episode didn’t already have you sobbing.

Other emergencies worth addressing…

* Hen found herself in an incredibly difficult position after accidentally mixing up two teenage girls involved in a devastating school parade gone wrong. After Eddie had to break the news of one girl’s death to the wrong parents, Hen was forced to then inform everyone of the egregious error. I will say, I don’t always get invested in the characters involved in these emergencies of the week, but every single one of those hospital sequences was devastating.

* A dispatch legend named Claudette Collins (played by Vanessa Estelle Williams) arrived at the call center to fill in for Maddie — and to absolutely ruin May’s day. After establishing that she’s too good to wear the company polo (“I couldn’t look this corny and do what I do!”), Claudette mistook May for an intern. When May introduced herself by name, Claudette replied, “As in, you may grant me that coffee?” and practically pried the poor girl’s latte out of her hands. The tension continued when Claudette “corrected” May during a call; when May later sought an apology, she received this advice instead: “Don’t tell me how good you are. Show me.” Game on, Claudette.

* After bottling up her feelings about Jeffrey being in her house, Athena broke down in one of the episode’s final scenes, delivering yet another incredible performance. (And judging by the promo for next week’s episode, we’re in for a few more.)

* Lastly, it wasn’t all gloom and doom for Chimney this week. He managed to squeeze in a quick FaceTime catch-up with Albert, who spent most of the call complaining about his captain treating him like a glorified maid. (In other news, if you’re seeking your weekly dose of John Harlan Kim while Albert is M.I.A., you can always catch him over on The CW’s Nancy Drew!)

Your thoughts on this week’s even-more-dramatic-than-expected hour? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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