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Nancy Drew Star Is 'Very Anxious' About Those Premiere Prophecies

Nancy Drew Season 3

Nancy Drew found herself at a crossroads in Friday’s third season premiere, and what better way to gain some much-needed perspective than by diving into a fresh mystery?

Long story short: Someone in Horseshoe Bay is freezing people’s hearts and ripping them out of their bodies. And considering the first victim turned out to be someone who was tracking every living Hudson family member, Nancy’s interest in solving the case quickly became very personal.

Temperance is a suspect, of course, but Nancy’s youthful ancestor wouldn’t admit to anything. Instead, she offered up a few chilling prophecies about the Drew Crew: “One of you will be the others’ demise, one of you will betray your true love, one will lose your heart, wreak havoc on this own, will forsake what is dearest to you. And only one of you will fulfill your destiny… and that will cause the rest to fall.”

Nancy didn’t end up getting into Columbia (sad!), but it’s OK — she now believes that she’s meant to grow where she’s been planted. And now that she’s been appointed the official police liaison for Horseshoe Bay’s town council, she’ll have plenty to keep her busy.

Elsewhere in the premiere, Nick surprised George with his own proposal (with family members present!), which she gladly accepted; and Bess unsuccessfully attempted to fill the void in her heart with a series of no-strings-attached flings; and Ace revealed that he’s getting a little too involved with Amanda’s just-released father.

Below, star Kennedy McMann takes us through some of the premiere’s biggest moments, while teasing what’s still ahead in Season 3:

TVLINE | Take us into Nancy’s head. How is she doing right now?
Coming off of Season 2 and everything that happened with the wraith, Nancy is beginning to accept her current circumstances and come to terms with everything that has changed in her life. She’s very afraid of something like the wraith ever happening again, and her instinct is to detach. Her plan is to go to Columbia, grow up and separate herself from all the scary and traumatic things that have happened to her.

TVLINE | But she’s not going to Columbia. Now that she’s the council’s official police liaison, will we learn more about the town itself?
Definitely. A huge theme of this season is unearthing a very strange history of the town and why this town is such a hub for all of these supernatural happenings.

TVLINE | Well, I could watch a whole show with just Nancy, Carson and Ryan trying to make a family under one roof.
Like a My Two Dads remake? Absolutely. That’s one of my favorite parts of the season. Nancy and Carson have gone through so much together, and they really just love each other immensely. They need each other. It’s one of my favorite relationships on the show, and it’s really wonderful to explore that dynamic in a less tumultuous place. Plus, Nancy and Ryan now have a cool opportunity to settle into their roles in each other’s lives. Ryan’s stepping into this parenting position for the first time, and Nancy’s trying to find a way to let him do that. I think people will be really satisfied with what comes from all of that.

TVLINE | Speaking of family, how is Nancy going to navigate her relationship with Temperance?
Nancy is not very trusting of Temperance in the beginning, for very good reasons. The last time they saw each other, she took all of Nancy’s blood and bathed in it to become a much more youthful version of herself. The tricky thing is that they do really end up needing her. She’s a very unique character in that she has access to all of these avenues of solving problems, and the Drew Crew has a tendency to get itself into some very sticky problems. She becomes an excellent resource for them, but it’s a constant push and pull of whether it’s worth the repercussions of trusting her.

TVLINE | And because no season of Nancy Drew would be complete without a prophecy, Temperance just had to give us some.
I know! I still have no idea how those play out, and I’m very anxious. Who’s going to betray their true love?! The writers always surprise me. I’m never able to guess where things are actually going. But the cast has definitely made some theories. It’s caused some lively debate.

TVLINE | Getting into relationships for a second, is Nancy really simply happy for Nick and George? Not that much time has passed since Nick and Nancy were together.
She is, and that’s not to ignore that she was once with Nick and that relationship ended in heartbreak for her. Not a lot of time has passed, but so much has happened that it has sort of progressed them all forward faster than they normally would. She also sees that they’re very right for each other. Who knows what’s going to happen down the line, but her friendship with George and Nick supersedes her past feelings. She can see how great this is for both of them.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, I’d love to see Nancy end up with Ace, and not just because their babies would have beautiful hair. They’re clearly into one another.
Nancy ended Season 2 with an almost-confession of confused feelings after the whole wraith experience. And then Ace, of course, had gone off with Amanda. Nancy has not forgotten about that, but she isn’t so sure that he would feel the same way. He’s dating someone else, he’s become her closest ally, and he’s the person she trusts to hold space for her feelings and to embrace her wherever she is. She doesn’t want to let her feelings get in the way of their friendship. Her worst case scenario is losing him as a friend. Ace, on the other hand, is in an interesting position of seeing what it might be like to lose Nancy, with all this talk of Columbia and her moving on. That begins to kick things into gear for him in terms of figuring out what Nancy really means to him.

TVLINE | I know The CW has ruined me, because even the FBI specialist seemed like he was flirting with you.
[Laughs] We love to keep a lot of doors open. Nancy enjoys her flings, as we know.

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