Heels Boss Teases 'Territory War' in Season Finale After Jack Spade Knockout: 'Gully's a Prideful Guy'

Stephen Amell in Heels Season 1

Jack Spade disrespected Gully in Heels penultimate episode, and you can bet Gully won’t let that slide. Not only did the DWL owner show up unannounced at an FWD show to collect his brother Ace, but he then knocked Gully out in his own ring.

“Gully’s obviously a prideful guy that presumably isn’t gonna let Jack get away with that without some sort of vengeance,” series creator Michael Waldron tells TVLine. “It is quite literally a territory war that’s been started right before the DWL heads into the biggest opportunity they’ve ever had. A lot of things are colliding at once for Jack.”

Jack’s home life isn’t faring any better. His wife Stacy, who grew tired of him prioritizing the wrestling promotion over his family, put her foot in the ground and moved out of the house. Waldron says their marital woes will be addressed in the season finale, airing this Sunday at 9/8c on Starz.

“I think it says a lot that it takes her leaving the house to finally get his attention,” Waldron explains. “That’s what she’s been struggling with all season: ‘What is more real to my husband? Is it life with me and our son? Or is it his wrestling promotion?’ She finally hits a breaking point and feels like he cares more about the DWL than he does about his family, and she doesn’t know if that’s the kind of person she can be with.”


The Heels finale marks a full-circle moment for Waldron, who began working on the show almost a decade ago. “It’s been amazing to watch it come to life,” he shares. “This is a pilot that that I first wrote back in 2013, and I’m so glad we’ve been able to tell this story. It’s been really exciting to watch the response to it, so tell your friends and family, everybody to watch because we want to keep making this thing.”

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