The Walking Dead Recap: Turnabout Is Fair Play — Plus, [Spoiler]'s Gutted

the walking dead recap season 11 episode 7 promises broken

As the first of The Walking Dead’s three final season arcs neared its conclusion Sunday — the last of the eight episodes airs October 10 — Negan gave Maggie an unlikely Alpha makeover, Eugene stepped in such deep doodoo, he could’ve lost a boot, Leah revealed to Daryl that at least some trace of humanity still flickered inside her, and Elijah… Oh. Poor, sweet Elijah. He was “reunited” with his sister in pretty much the worst way imaginable. Read on, and we’ll go over all the details.

‘CONGRATS AND YOU’RE WELCOME’ | Early on in “Promises Broken,” Pope was so steamed that the Reapers’ patrol hadn’t found any trace of Maggie & Co. that Leah was moved to intervene when he tried to yell his men’s faces off. Later, when she and Daryl were sent to repeat the search, they encountered a terrified man who was just trying to find food for his son and critically injured wife. Kill ’em, Pope ordered Leah over her walkie-talkie. But when push came to shoot, she couldn’t — she remained at least part human. So instead of blow away the family, she told the dad to take the boy and run, then tried to put the mom out of her misery. Again, though, she couldn’t — she was still very human, thank you. Finally, after Daryl did it for her, she said that she’d tell Pope he did away with all three of them. Knowing Pope, that would probably earn Daryl a medal of honor or something.

the walking dead recap season 11 episode 7 promises brokenMeanwhile, Negan agreed to continue on Maggie’s suicide mission only if she promised that if he did, he could stop looking over his shoulder. “You’d take a promise from me?” she replied, incredulous. “Really?” Since he would, she reluctantly shook on it. Shortly, encountering the walkerfied version of Elijah’s sister’s best friend gave Maggie an idea: They could attack Meridian a la the Whisperers. Gathering walkers was easy enough, but she soon learned from coach Negan that playing one was harder than wearing a grody mask, stumbling around and groaning. “This is not fun,” she fumed. “Well, not with that attitude,” he shot back. By and by, the mortal enemies nearly bonded after she learned to herd walkers. But then the Saviors’ former leader went and admitted that if he had everything to do over, he wouldn’t have just killed Glenn and Abraham and everyone that he had, “I’d’ve killed every single one of you.” Saying that, in his mind, was a kind of trust-building exercise… which was only going to make it tougher for her to keep her promise. Anyway, as the hour drew to a close, they, Elijah and Gabriel were masked like Whisperers and leading walkers toward Meridian. En route… aw, what are the odds? Elijah just happened to catch sight of his ill-fated sister among the undead. Now he and Maggie extra wanted wanted to kill all the Reapers.

the walking dead recap season 11 episode 7 promises broken‘YOU’VE DONE ALL MY WORK FOR ME, AND I DIDN’T EVEN BRING LOLLIPOPS!’ | In the Commonwealth, when not being recruited to be Pamela’s lawyer, Yumiko hung out with Tomi — by which I mean that she badgered him about practicing surgery again. When it didn’t seem enough that he said he was happy being a baker, he pleaded with his sister to zip it. “No one can know that I was a doctor,” he said ominously — and just that fast, he was hauled away by the stormtroopers. Immediately, Yumiko confronted Lance, who assured her that Tomi would be home that very night. Lance could be a great asset to her, he added, provided that she, in turn, could be looked upon as “a friend in high places.” And how the Godfather theme didn’t begin to play when he mentioned, “Someday I might need a favor,” I’ll never understand. Nearby, Eugene, Stephanie, Ezekiel and Princess were working off their punishment by clearing walkers from buildings intended for future use when right by them passed the snottiest brat this side of James Spader in a John Hughes movie. More on him shortly…

the walking dead recap season 11 episode 7 promises brokenAfter Princess, firm in her “anti-friends who die of stubbornness” stance, insisted that a struggling Ezekiel seek medical attention, the king returned along with the spring in his step. While they were reassigned, Eugene and Stephanie saved Snotty McSnotterson and his girlfriend from being attacked by walkers. In response, Snotty hollered that the “plebeians” had disrupted his date. He even went so far as to call Stephanie a stupid bitch when yet another rescue left his make-out partner blood-spattered. That did it as far as Eugene was concerned; he hauled off and slugged the d-bag, only to find out that oops… he was, of course, Pamela’s beyond obnoxious son, Sebastian. If Eugene hadn’t punched him, “you’d have been a hero,” sighed Lance. “You could’ve asked for anything.” Now his one chance to be set free from his prison cell — and he’d have no choice but to take it — was revealing Alexandria’s location. So, what did you think of “Promises Broken”? Hit the comments below with your reviews, questions, curiosities — the works.