Dynasty Finale Goes Out With a Bang: Who Might Not Live to See Season 5?

Dynasty Season 4 Finale

A smoking gun led to an actual gun in Friday’s Dynasty finale, leaving one character’s fate (sort of) in question.

Let’s start at the very beginning: Upon discovering the “prom pictures” of Liam and Eva hidden in her lunatic assistant’s desk, Fallon finally connected the dots and started pointing fingers in the right direction. Sort of. While it’s true that Eva has been trying to drive a wedge between them, Fallon has also proven quite capable of sinking that ‘ship all by herself. Like the time absolutely no one forced her to sleep with Colin.

Still, Fallon was determined to unmask the pretty little liar, so she turned to Amanda for some legal assistance. After a little digging, Fallon’s new sister discovered that Eva has changed her name multiple times, a fact she shared while Eva was eavesdropping from the other side of the office. (I will never understand why Fallon insists on doing so much of her dirty work at her actual place of work. It never ends well.)

That’s when the people got what they paid for: a full-on brawl between Fallon and Eva right there in the halls of Fempircal. Or Fallon Unlimited. Or whatever she’s calling whatever it is she considers “work” these days. Anyway, it was a glorious smackdown, even if Liam didn’t appreciate what he walked in on. It appeared to be curtains for “Falliam” at that point… until stupid, stupid Eva made the ultimate rookie mistake. She waited approximately two seconds before fully pouncing on Liam, which apparently gave him just the jolt he needed to finally deduce that she’s been not-so-subtly targeting him. And this guy’s a professional investigative journalist? It’s no wonder he hasn’t had any freelance work lately.

Liam surprised Fallon by showing up to Blake’s big political gala, even if he made it clear that he hasn’t fully forgiven her for cheating on him, and all was well that ended well. Sorry, I forgot about the part where Eva showed up with a gun and shot Fallon, leaving her bleeding out on the floor. (But let’s be real, the only thing dying in that room is Blake’s campaign. Besides, if Dynasty kills off Fallon now, who will get abducted by aliens in the series finale?)

We should probably also discuss…

* Alexis is about to find out if she can pull off orange. With Dr. Larson blackmailing him for a cool $5 million, Adam turned to his moneybag of a mother for help in exchange for his forgiveness. (Yes, Alexis can be bought, but she doesn’t come cheap!) Alexis even let Adam use her penthouse to transfer the dirty money, and from the moment he and Dr. Larson stepped out on that balcony to do business, we knew that one of them was going to end up on the ground below — and it wasn’t going to be Adam. Sure enough, the police showed up to Blake’s gala and arrested Alexis for murder, inspiring one of the smarmiest looks that Adam has ever… smarmed?

* Jeff is officially grounded, in more ways than one. Fully convinced that Brady has designs on his designs, the unwell billionaire handcuffed Dominique to a table, grabbed his gun and headed for Blake’s gala to take care of Brady once and for all. (If you haven’t already figured it out by now, everything leads back to Blake’s gala.) Brady managed to get away after wrestling for the gun with Jeff, but a new problem presented itself when Culhane arrived on the scene. For the record, “you’re not well and you need help” isn’t the best thing to tell someone prepared to unload a firearm, which Culhane learned when he found himself in Jeff’s crosshairs. Fortunately, Eva’s gunshot spooked him enough not to fire (I think), so here’s hoping he actually does get the help he needs. And you know what? I hope he gets to Mars, too. Who says he can’t have it all!

* Proving that there was absolutely no security whatsoever at Blake’s gala, a third uninvited gun crashed the party, this time belonging to Cristal’s hot brother. Furious with Cristal for “taking” their family company from him, and with Blake for encouraging her not to back down, Beto showed up ready to shoot. But who? We’ll never know, as Eva’s shot also appeared to scare Beto from pulling his own trigger. (Damn, Fallon took a bullet for several people.)

* Anders made his final appearance (for now) in a sweet side story that involved, of all people, Dua Lipa. The pop star was (allegedly) set to perform at Blake’s gala, but she ended up getting fogged in at the airport in San Francisco. But after Sam unveiled a tribute to his late mentor, voila, Dua Lipa’s plane magically made it through the fog! I mean, we didn’t technically see her, but just knowing that she’s theoretically on her way is enough to help me sleep at night. And I love that Anders’ final words to Sam were “Take care of the family.” (Here’s hoping he starts by bringing back Steven.)

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