Big Brother Delivers One of Its Most Dramatic Evictions Ever as the Finalists Are Revealed — Who Got Booted?

Exactly one week ago, Big Brother‘s Gentlemen alliance — that is, the team-up of Kyland and Xavier — seemed as rock-solid as The Renegades, The Hitmen and other memorable male BB duos before them.

Even after watching this show for the past 22 seasons, I would have had trouble believing that after Kyland saved Xavier from the block last week, their relationship in the house would end just seven days later with 1) Kyland getting evicted, 2) Xavier serving as HOH when Kyland got booted, and 3) Kyland antagonizing Xavier so much on his way out that I honestly thought a fistfight was about to break out.


During the live Power of Veto ceremony on Thursday’s episode, Xavier carried out his plan to leave his own nominations the same, keeping Azah and Kyland on the block. That left Derek F. as this week’s lone vote, and after days of internal debate, Derek opted to send Kyland to the jury house. (I’m going to skip over Derek’s insane claims from earlier in the episode that he’s carried Azah through this game. Derek? The Derek who has yet to win a competition this season? Carrying Azah? I can’t.)

At first, it looked like Kyland might take his eviction on the chin and exit gracefully… but nope! Instead, he lingered at the door, waiting for Xavier to explain why Kyland didn’t get a heads-up that he’d be ousted. A cagey Xavier shrugged that it’s just part of the game, and Kyland pretended he was cool with that. But then he took a jab at Xavier’s efforts to be a role model for his nephew, Kobe, implying that Xavier was setting a bad example for the boy by choosing not to sit next to Kyland in the Final Two.

“Are you talking about my nephew right now?” Xavier asked. “I’m just saying, if Kobe has no one to look up to…,” Kyland said, prompting Xavier to reply, “I suggest you stop talking about my nephew.”

At this point, Kyland and Xavier had very little distance between them, and despite Azah and Derek’s attempts to end the conflict, it was only when Julie Chen Moonves literally yelled for Kyland to leave the house that he finally did.

In her post-game interview with Kyland, Julie bafflingly didn’t ask about the dust-up, instead pressing Kyland for details on whether he was surprised that Xavier kept nominations the same and that Derek ultimately evicted him. (Perhaps the BB producers, feeling that Kyland was in the wrong, didn’t want to give him a chance to explain himself? But folks, I was ready for an Aaryn Gries-style grilling, and I got none.)

After Julie reminded Kyland that he’d be back in less than a week to crown the Season 23 winner, he admitted, “I hope that’s not the only time I’m back,” adding that he was pleased to realize he’s actually pretty good at Big Brother, and he’d love to return in the future. I think Kyland might truly believe he’s in line for All-Stars 3 at this point, even after that exit…? Wild. Absolutely wild.

What did you think of Kyland’s eviction on Thursday, and which finalist would you like to see win the grand prize? Drop a comment below!

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