Tyler Perry's Sistas' Trinity Whiteside Hopes Preston Can Man Up for Danni

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Preston and Danni

Danni and Preston don’t have a clever couple nickname or a social-media hashtag on Tyler Perry’s Sistas, but they do have undeniable chemistry that makes fans root for them on the beloved BET drama.

Trinity Whiteside, who plays Preston on the series, says there is still hope for the couple, even though Danni kicked out his character in the Season 3 midseason finale. Preston wanted to get closer, but Danni wanted her space, and viewers will find out what happens next for the two when Sistas returns Wednesday, Oct. 13.

“They can overcome Danni wanting more space, but there has to be dialogue,” Whiteside gingerly tells TVLine. “It’s not going to rectify itself overnight, and they can’t ignore it and hope things get better on their own. If they keep doing that, the frustration, especially from Danni’s point of view, will keep building and festering. Preston has to the be the one to start the conversation so that it’s not always Danni putting the first foot forward.”

There are also cultural obstacles to overcome. Preston is white and Danni is Black, and it’s taken her a long time to address some of the things in her life that her cowboy boyfriend doesn’t understand. But she finally did so by the end of Season 3A. For instance, Danni comically explained the difference between a “ho” and a “hoedown.” Whiteside, who is biracial, laughingly says he is fully aware of the the distinctions, even if Preston isn’t.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Danni and Preston make out“When I read for the character, I felt like there was a lot of space for growth and a lot of ground that could be explored,” Whiteside reveals. “It’s something that I don’t readily identify with, despite my appearance. My father is African American and my mother is Caucasian, and I’ve always gravitated toward my African American heritage. It’s more relatable for me and what I identify with. My cousins, best friends and wife are all African American.”

But costarring as Preston has allowed Whiteside to explore another part of himself.

“Playing a character who is white has been eye-opening for me,” Whiteside shares. “And it’s allowed me to stretch as an actor to see things from the perspective of a white man dating a Black woman. As someone who grew up in a mixed-race home, I know there has to be a willingness to be openminded, especially for Preston. He has to be more understanding of the cultural differences that make Danni who she is, especially because in our society, white is the default.”

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Preston and Danni romanceAs for the chemistry he shares with Mignon, who stars as Danni, Whiteside says they had a baptism-by-fire moment that has bonded them forever.

“On our first day of filming, we had never met or spoken or seen each other, and we had a sex scene,” Whiteside recalls with a laugh. “We were almost completely naked on the first day of meeting each other. While that was nerve-wracking initially, I feel like that served as the ultimate icebreaker. Once you let everything go, including your clothes, everything else is a breeze. Now we’re completely comfortable around each other as costars and scene partners.”

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