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Doom Patrol Season 3: Michelle Gomez Introduces Madame Rouge, the Show's 'Disturbing' Yet 'Lovable' New Addition

Michelle Gomez Doom Patrol

It’s a scientific fact that the presence of Michelle Gomez elevates any TV show, and HBO Max’s Doom Patrol is no exception.

Gomez, who recently captivated viewers with two very different roles on The Flight Attendant and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, joins the DC series’ third season as a mysterious time traveler named Madame Rouge — someone made even more mysterious by the fact that she can’t seem to remember anything about herself.

“The crux of her plight and her journey this season is that she has this trauma of not knowing who she is,” Gomez tells TVLine. “That can present a lot of comic situations, but it’s also deeply disturbing to not know who you are and why you’re where you are, and all the big existential questions that go with that.”

In solidarity with her amnesiac character, Gomez didn’t ask showrunner Jeremy Carver too many questions about Madame Rouge’s trajectory, though one answer in particular did come as a bit of a bummer.

“I was interested as to why her name was Madame Rouge,” Gomez says. “I thought she was French, and I was gearing up for a French accent, but they ended up not needing it.”

One benefit of Madame Rouge’s “heartbreaking” journey of self-discovery is that the audience “gets to fall in love with her, hopefully, for all of her good and all of her bad,” Gomez explains. “It’s like us as humans. We’re deeply flawed characters, but we can still be lovable at the same time.”

As for her new castmates, Gomez couldn’t be happier. “I feel like I’ve come home, like I’m finally with my people,” she says. “This has already become one of my favorite jobs, and it’s all thanks to the people I’m working with. The cast is ridiculously talented and hard working, and just wonderful people to hang out with. It’s always a relief when the people you’re working with are also people you’d happily have a beer with.”

Need more proof of Gomez’s love for her new TV family? Look no further than the actress’ Instagram account, where she’s been hitting the streets to drum up excitement for the new season. When you’re willing to touch — let alone pretend to kiss — a dirty New York City poster, it can’t be anything but love. Behold:

“That’s my ‘poster patrol!'” Gomez says excitedly, adding that part of the fun is how no one passing by recognizes that she’s on the poster. “I’m mostly on the school run when I do it, so I don’t look anything like Madame Rouge, but I’m having a lot of fun with that. People just think I’m some old bag on the street who’s getting excited about her favorite show. It’s been great, I love it!”

The first three episodes of Doom Patrol Season 3 will be available to stream on Thursday, with new installments dropping on subsequent Thursdays after that. Hit PLAY on the trailer below for a closer look at Madame Rouge in action, then drop a comment with your thoughts.