9-1-1 Season 5 Premiere Tees Up the 'End of the World' — Grade It!

911 Season 5 Premiere

Another new fall season, another totally chill 9-1-1 premiere.

Just kidding! Monday’s opener was pure chaos, courtesy of a hacker who triggered a citywide blackout, a helicopter crash, an escaped serial rapist and a stampede of zoo animals on Hollywood Blvd. It was basically a regular season premiere on steroids. Maybe even a little bit of crack.

But the premiere didn’t just wreak havoc on the city of Los Angeles. It also put individual members of the 118 through a series of living nightmares.

Let’s start with Athena, who was forced to face her assailant (and his *holds back vomit* fan club) in court. And just for dramatic effect, Jeffrey Hudson — played by Noah Bean, which I totally forgot — was allowed to represent himself. This allowed him to directly confront Athena, somewhat successfully using her own past indiscretions against her. Worst of all, when the hacker targeted the courthouse’s computer system, Jeffrey took advantage of the madness and escaped.

Lou initially assumed that Jeffrey would take refuge with one of his groupies, but Athena deduced that he was actually going to target the lawyer he fired. Her quick thinking led to Jeffrey’s arrest… until the lawyer (gasp!) slit Lou’s throat from behind. Has she become the One True Groupie? Either way, R.I.P., Lou!

Other premiere emergencies worth addressing…

* With an invitation to her niece’s christening, Eddie’s relationship with Ana appeared to be headed to the next level. He even let her play dress-up with him, though that’s just par for the course when you’re a living Ken Doll. Unfortunately, things got real when a salesman mistook Ana for Christopher’s mother. “I’m not his mother,” she explained. “I’m… just a friend.” Cut to Eddie having a full-on panic attack, dropping to the floor of the department store. He may have survived getting shot last season, but there are clearly emotional scars.

* In other relationship news, Buck and Taylor are still going strong, though she’s still very much married to her work. No amount of sexy time could distract her from investigating the ransomware story, even while she was off the clock.

* And Maddie is clearly still in a dark place, though she does seem to be doing slightly better than we left her in the Season 4 finale. At least she made lunch plans with Josh, even if she forgot about them. That’s… encouraging?

Did 9-1-1‘s big return live up to your expectations? Did you see that insane twist coming at the end? (Lou sure didn’t.) Grade the premiere in our poll below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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