Who Didn't Survive the Fantasy Island Season Finale? Grade It!

Fantasy Island Finale

Fox’s Fantasy Island reboot wrapped its freshman season on Sunday with a series of bittersweet arrivals and painful goodbyes.

The season finale — which could turn out to be the series finale, depending on whether Fox decides to renew the show for a second season — welcomed Leslie Jordan as a con man caught between life and death. As Elena explained, the island is capable of conjuring spirits, especially on Dia De Los Muertos. One of the (many) people that Jasper had wronged in life, an aspiring artist named Ramon, was also a guest on the island. As you can imagine, drama ensued.

Meanwhile, Ruby received a surprise visit from Mel — in his younger body, just as we remember him from the pilot — and he wasn’t thrilled to learn that the only reason he magically appeared in his wife’s room… is because he apparently died. Refusing to accept the truth of his own passing, Mel ran off into the jungle, making him metaphorically and physically lost. (We do layers here on Fantasy Island.)

In a very Fantasy Island twist, it took Mel and Jasper running into one another in order for them to both find their way forward. “I hope to see you on the other side, Jasper,” he said after their much-needed chat. And while it was wonderful to see Jasper make peace with Ramon, it was even more heartwarming to hear Ruby tell Mel about Gina. “You have no excuse not go forward and live your life,” he told her. “It’s time to shed the cocoon and turn into a butterfly.”

Elena also took advantage of the island’s magic to contact one of her own deceased relatives, Fernando, a cousin who died after originally taking over the island in his place. She didn’t successfully make contact, but she did receive a special note from her uncle, which made it all worth it. We even got a Tattoo shout-out! (“The plane, the plane!”)

Meanwhile, Javi sought forgiveness from an Army friend for whose death he felt responsible. “Live,” she told him. “Fall in love, make mistakes. This is your life. Live it like crazy, for me. See you on the other side.” (Come to think of it, that was a popular parting message this week.) And without hesitation, he took her advice, asking Elena out on a proper date.

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