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Sex Education's Aimee Lou Wood Talks Character's Sexual Assault Aftermath, Spills Tea on New Diva Costar

Sex Education Recap Season 3 Episode 2 Aimee Lou Wood

Sex Education‘s Aimee Lou Wood has a brand new costar in Season 3, and the on-set drama the actress detailed for TVLine sounds… well, gross.

“She poos everywhere and does not care,” shares Wood. (Did we mention the new cast member is a goat?) “She does this little shake, and we all go, ‘Oh, no!’, and thousands of droppings just [start] falling out. Sorry, this is way too visceral!”

Hey, we asked.

Goat (yes, that’s her name) is Aimee and Steve’s new commitment animal. After learning that pets supposedly bring couples closer together, the two haphazardly skip right over puppies and kittens, and go straight for some livestock. But the animal’s diva-like behavior on set didn’t quite cement Wood and Goat as instant BFFs.

“She controlled the entire relationship. If she needed three hours on set, she got three hours,” jokes Wood. “I loved her a lot more than she loved me. Even the owners were like, ‘It’s not that she doesn’t like you. She just, yanno, doesn’t like you that much.'” Ouch!

While Aimee once again works overtime providing loads of levity for the Netflix dramedy’s third season, her character’s storyline takes a somber turn as she finds herself still struggling to cope with the aftermath of her sexual assault. Her sex drive is off and she doesn’t enjoy being kissed or even touched by her boyfriend, which, over time, has affected their relationship. At Maeve’s suggestion, Aimee starts speaking to a professional in the form of Otis’ mother, Jean.

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2 Chris Jenks, Goat “As we all know, life isn’t a neat straight line, it goes up and down,” says Wood. “In Season 2, she still had this pain she didn’t want to look at, and eventually she had to because she couldn’t ignore it anymore. Now she’s got one eye on it, and one eye still trying to be the old Aimee, and looking back to who she was before the assault happened. It’s this tug of war.”

During her first therapy session, Aimee says she thought she was over her trauma, but admits to not liking how her body feels. She’s also wondering how Steve could possibly fit into the picture now. “I just want to be the old me again,” she tells Jean in Episode 3, who softly breaks it to her that that may not be possible.

“It’s going to open up a lot of stuff about her relationship to herself, and therefore, her relationship to her boyfriend,” says Wood. “They get this goat in an attempt to bring them closer together — I love that she gets a goat and thinks that’s going to sort it out — but it’s therapy, really, that’s going to help that.”

With the relationship somewhat in jeopardy (despite poor Steve’s blissful ignorance), Aimee’s development this season could possibly lead to some major shake-ups.

“She’s going to make some discoveries about herself, which might mean that things change,” adds Wood. “Not that Steve isn’t an amazing man and person, but she’s never been without a boyfriend and that’s a huge thing for her.”

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