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Sex Education Premiere: Asa Butterfield and [Spoiler] Dish on Their Characters' Spicy Season 3 Hook-Ups — Grade It!

Sex Education Season 3

Ever since last season’s cliffhanger dropped, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when Maeve finally discovers the truth about Otis’ heartfelt voicemail. Unfortunately, she’s still in the dark in Sex Education‘s Season 3 premiere. But truth be told, we’ve got some mega hot goss to tackle first: Otis is still hooking up with Ruby Matthews?!

In the premiere’s first few sex-crazed seconds (all eight episodes are now available on Netflix for your bingeing… um, pleasure), we see heaps of Moordale students gettin’ it on montage-style, including Otis, who’s working his magic inside a parked car (to the tune of The Rubinoos’ version of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” we should note — sorry, Tommy and Tiffany.)

While viewers likely spent the months between seasons (21 of them, to be exact) ‘shipping Otis and Maeve with crossed fingers and toes, Otis’ continued fling with Rubes was quite the unexpected development for its cast, even despite the couple’s one-night-stand in Season 2.

“I was surprised when I read the first couple episodes,” Asa Butterfield tells TVLine. “Otis and Ruby really bring something new out of each other. I think that’s why they sort of get on, because they are fundamentally very different people, yet their energies seem to work. Seeing how they changed the other person was a lot of fun to watch, and they actually come out as better people from the other side.

“Me and Mimi [Keene] get on really well,” he adds, “so I think our chemistry came across on screen.”

Seeing as the series documents the sexual shenanigans of horned-up teens, and considering the wide gap in Otis and Ruby’s social statuses, is it possible that their connection is purely physical?

Sex Education Netflix Season 3“Definitely not for Ruby,” Mimi Keene maintains. “She’s not used to opening up and considering someone else’s feelings, so I think it changes her quite a lot being in this situation. It brings out who she is a lot more, not just to everyone else, but to herself as well. It’s improved the character in a big way.”

Despite what may be her very-real feelings for Otis, Ruby still cops to being embarrassed by the fact that he’s a “badly dressed, sick man with a creepy mustache.” While he may be “good at sex,” she still didn’t want to be seen in public with him. At least initially. The couple ultimately patch things up after their spat, making things official with a very-public on-campus make-out session in front of the entire student body.

But with that now-deleted voicemail looming (let’s be real, it’s got to come to light eventually, right?), will Otis and Ruby’s relationship just be a stepping stone to the Otis/Maeve reunion we’ve all been anticipating?

“Relationships are tricky and teenagers are still figuring themselves out, so it’s understandably going to be a bit of a rocky ride,” teases Butterfield. “There’s always a little bit of drama in Moordale. It’s never simple, and I don’t think this relationship is any different.”

OK, but really: Is there hope for Otis and Maeve this season?

“They aren’t really talking at the beginning of the season,” says Butterfield. “Otis assumes she’s just ignored his message, and understandably, is hurt. But we do see them come together. A lot of the miscommunication that has been going on for the last couple years starts to get cleared up, so fans will be happy to see that, and see Otis and Maeve back together and a bit of a team.”

What did you think of the Season 3 premiere, and how long do you give Otis and Ruby? Grade the premiere below, then fire away in the Comments!