Big Brother Recap: The Final 4 Is Decided After Double Eviction No. 2

Big Brother Double Eviction

Feeling a little déjà vu, Big Brother fans?

For the first time ever, the CBS reality competition staged two back-to-back double evictions this season, with the second one taking place on Thursday’s episode. And this time around, The Cookout was in a much less celebratory mood: After successfully reaching the Final Six with their alliance completely intact, The Cookout had to lose their own members for the first time on Thursday, with at least one female player guaranteed a trip to the jury house.

How did Double Eviction No. 2 shake out, exactly? Read on for the details:

THE STRATEGY | Big Brother has two whole hours to fill with Thursday’s episode — not even some of BB‘s season finales have run that long! — so there’s plenty of pre-taped footage to play before a single vote is cast. First, Hannah and Tiffany make their cases to the other Cookout members as to why they should stay in the game, and Tiffany makes a persuasive argument to both Derek F. and Xavier that Hannah would target both of them moving forward, whereas Tiffany wouldn’t. Later, Xavier and Derek compare notes from their one-on-ones with Tiffany, and they both seem to seriously consider keeping Tiffany over Hannah, as Hannah might truly be the bigger threat to their games. (We all know how Derek has spoken about Tiffany in private, though, so… I don’t buy this.)

Next, we head to the jury house, where Derek X. gets to revel in seeing Sarah Beth join him just one week after she sent him packing. Sarah Beth reveals that in her goodbye messages, Kyland shared that he had a secret alliance going, while Azah explained that Sarah Beth’s eviction furthered a mission that is close to Azah’s heart. Derek X. is confused by that at first, but Sarah Beth gently nudges him by saying, “Well, there’s never been….,” and he and Britini realize Azah was talking about the game’s first Black winner.

Claire and Alyssa arrive at the jury house next, and though all of the jurors are bummed to have been booted from the game, they give The Cookout — which they don’t know is called The Cookout, of course — their well-deserved kudos for reaching the Final Six as a group. That doesn’t mean The Cookout has done spectacular jury management, though: Sarah Beth is hurt by all the unnecessary lies Kyland told her in order to further his game, while Alyssa wishes that Hannah would have been more upfront about her secret alliance at the end, which Alyssa would have completely understood without having to get blindsided on Double Eviction night.

EVICTION NO. 1 | Tiffany campaigned hard for herself all week — she even groveled for Big D’s vote! — but her survival isn’t meant to be. Tiffany is ousted by a 3-0 vote, at which point Julie Chen Moonves finally reveals to the Final Five that there’s another double eviction underway. Azah hangs her head in disbelief, which seems like the appropriate reaction… especially considering how the next hour plays out.

Speaking of Azah, she finally gets her first Head of Household win during a two-part competition — even more impressive when you consider she’s up against Xavier in the second round. But as sweet as Azah’s victory is — maybe Xavier or Kyland will leave tonight, after all! — Azah pulls Hannah into the bathroom and reveals she’s nominating Hannah and Xavier for eviction, because Azah made a deal with Kyland that prevents her from nominating him unless he’s a replacement nominee. If Xavier wins the Power of Veto, Azah says Kyland will go up next to Hannah, and Kyland will go to jury; if the nominations stay the same, Azah is convinced that Kyland will vote out Hannah, Derek will vote out Xavier, and Azah will break the tie in Hannah’s favor. She doesn’t seem to realize all the men are protecting each other and this is a terrible plan on every level, but she’ll figure that out soon enough!

EVICTION NO. 2 | In the classic BB competition “What the Bleep?” houseguests must correctly answer true or false questions about sound bites from previous evictees. Hannah looks laser-focused, and even works her way back up the leaderboard when she’s the only player to correctly answer a question about Christian halfway through the competition, but she’s later tripped up by a Brent sound bite and falls a point behind Kyland and Xavier. (Even after his eviction, Brent continues to torture Hannah!)

After a tiebreaker question, Kyland wins the Power of Veto and uses it to remove his fellow Gentleman, Xavier, from the block. Derek F. is the only possible replacement nominee, and he’s apparently so confident in his own safety, he yells, “That’s OK with me, baby!” (Rude, but sure.) Hannah’s got the devastated eyes of a sad Pixar character at this point, so she seems to know what’s in store for her — and indeed, Hannah is then evicted by a 2-0 vote. “I can’t believe I’m out!” she tells Julie, and sigh, neither can I.

CBS will be airing the Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday, so that night’s typical Big Brother episode — in which a new HOH is crowned and nominations are revealed — will air Friday at 8/7c instead. Until then, weigh in below with your thoughts on Thursday’s double eviction.

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