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Grey's Anatomy EP Unpacks Amelia and Link's Post-Proposal Baggage — Plus, Might He and Jo Leave the Friend Zone?

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In the Season 17 finale of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, a whole lotta salt was poured into a very fresh wound. Amelia didn’t just reject Link’s proposal of marriage, EP Meg Marinis reminds TVLine, “she said no to his proposal in front of three children with multiple rings on a beach.

“So we’re not skipping any sort of conversation about how he feels about that” as Season 18 begins (on Thursday, Sept. 30, at 9/8c). “They’re going to have to figure it out,” she adds, “because they still very much have love for each other. But he’s also very, very hurt.”

On the plus side, Link will have to distract him BFF Jo’s new life, both as a mom and an OB/GYN resident. “She’s in mayhem! She’s like any new working mom — she’s trying to figure it out,” Marinis previews. “She doesn’t want to step back from her career, but she loves this baby, and I don’t think she’s ever experienced love quite like what she feels toward Luna. So she’s going to have to figure out a way to make it all work.

“We’re definitely going to explore kind of the madness of what it looks like to be a single, working mom,” she continues. “There will be comedy and heartache in this situation.”

Every step of the way, Link will be there for Jo. “Definitely,” Marinis says. “Because he is also a parent of a small child, and I don’t think he ever struggles in his ability to take care of his son and be a father. So it’s sort of the perfect time for him to be around and help Jo, because that is a place where he’s not at loose ends.

“In his relationship [with Amelia], yes, but he is still able to be there 100 percent for Scout, and we’ve also shown him able to be there 100 percent for Jo,” she goes on. “And we’re also going to see her be that person for him a little bit, be his best friend and help him through this situation” with his babymama.

In doing so, could Jo possibly, you know, cross the line with Link that separates friends and lovers? “They’re both so focused on their children, and he is still coming out of this thing with Amelia — they haven’t really even ended it,” Marinis notes. “It was just that she said no to his proposal. So I think that story is not over yet.

Grey's Anatomy Camilla Luddington

“What’s been so nice about that friendship [between Link and Jo] is we’ve never really shown the danger of there being any pressure of being more than just friends,” she hastens to add. “Chris Carmack and Camilla Luddington have a really great comedic sense to them. Also, we’re hopefully going to learn more about their friendship from the past. But as we start the season, you’ll see them being there for each other on both sides.”


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