Animal Kingdom Recap: The Turn of the Screw — Plus, Last Call for [Spoiler]

animal kingdom recap season 5 episode 10 chadwick kills livengood

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s jaw-dropper of an episode of Animal Kingdom. If you’d rather watch first, read later, treat this recap like it was a bar that’s had its liquor license suspended and go elsewhere.

“You know what drives me crazy?” Pope asked J in Sunday’s eventful Animal Kingdom. “Unforeseen obstacles.” So wanna take a wild guess what he and his kinfolk ran into in Sunday’s “Relentless”? That’s right — unforeseen obstacles, one of them in the shape of a dead body on the floor of Deran’s bar. Who met their maker, and who introduced them? Read on…

‘SHUT UP AND TAKE THOSE RIDICULOUS PANTS OFF’ | In the episode’s 1980s flashbacks, though Janine wasn’t remotely fussed that Jake was trying to reconcile with Cheryl — she had Billy to shtup, after all — the future Smurf saw red when Max threatened Andrew and Julia in order to get Mom to pony up what the kingpin felt she owed him. In the present, Deran suggested to J that they hit a hawala, which he described as a kind of “underground Western Union” (and the go-between through whom Jess had been sending money to Adrian). Meanwhile, Craig took a break from crashing at Deran and Adrian’s old place with Blaise and his crew of juvenile delinquents to grumpily stop by Renn’s mother’s house to see if she and Nick were there and, for s—ts and giggles, engage in a motorcycle chase with a cop that was so ridiculously dangerous, it implied that he should never be made responsible for a baby doll, never mind a baby.

animal kingdom recap season 5 episode 10 chadwick kills livengoodElsewhere, Pope endeavored to get rid of the truck in which he’d kidnapped Liam and Henry, only to discover that Pete had basically put all the Codys on his cronies’ no-fly list. Enraged, Andrew went to Pete’s garage and warned Tina, “If he hurts my family’s business, I’ll hurt his.” She, in turn, was so scared that it was all she could do not to laugh in his face. Finally, Pope had to take apart his truck himself and unload it on metal scavengers the afternoon before Oceanside’s recycling day. (How green of him.) Summoned by Tommy to The Drop, Deran was beyond chagrined to discover that the Liquor Board had suspended his license and confiscated every last drop of booze. Even the old Zimas. Making a beeline for the Liquor Board offices, Deran discovered that the shutdown was — ah, of course! — Livengood’s doing. Desperate, Deran ran to Officer Chadwick and ordered him to earn his keep by doing some “cop s—t” to get the DEA off his back.

animal kingdom recap season 5 episode 10 chadwick kills livengood‘YOU SMELL LIKE A CAT-LITTER BOX’ | At an especially bleak Cody family meeting at the house, J, having learned how low-rent Jess’ hawala is, suggested that Craig talk to Frankie about a bigger fish. In other words, as Craig put it, “you want me to ask Frankie so we can burn another one of her contacts?” Yeah, that was about the size of it. As displeased as Deran was to find out that Craig was hanging at his house — mostly outside, noted the squatter — he was even more ticked when his brother revealed that he’d broken a window to get indoors to pee. Off that confab, Craig paid a visit to Frankie at her seriously downgraded new digs and expressed his upset over the loss of his girlfriend and son by hitting on his ex-lover. Noting that he looked like he could be on his way to audition to play a zombie on The Walking Dead, instead of go to bed with him, she put him to bed.

animal kingdom recap season 5 episode 10 chadwick kills livengoodFollowing a catnap, Craig inquired about a high-end hawala. Frankie, as she always seems able to, could probably help. But, she warned, “What you’re talking about… it’s dangerous.” Naturally! While Craig was getting his ZZZs on, Deran kicked Blaise & Co. out of his house. Well, off of his deck. “Go back to school or something!” he hollered. Just then, Chadwick called to set up a meeting with the Codys; he had a solution to their Livengood problem. Tomorrow good? Nope, it had to be that day, in two hours. “Things are already in motion,” said the cop… who we then discovered was in cahoots with Livengood! When the Codys convened at The Drop for the meeting with Chadwick, they were, as you’d expect, shocked when he came in with Livengood. “This,” said the DEA agent, “is your last chance to save your pathetic ass.”

‘I’M THE ONE WHO’S GONNA BE IN YOUR NIGHTMARES EVERY NIGHT’ | In short order, Livengood explained that he wanted back his key witness: Adrian. If the Codys didn’t serve him up, Livengood intended to bury them. He’d already shut down the bar. Next, he’d take Deran’s house. And Smurf’s. And Baz’s. “You guys ain’t seen nothing yet,” he promised. And boom! A shot rang out! Chadwick had freaking put a bullet in Livengood’s head — in the middle of Deran’s bar! “Dude never shuts up,” said the cop, adding that he’d only done what Deran wanted. “You asked me to do something, so I did.” Oh, and by the way, Chadwick wanted a raise — $5k a month, and have fun getting rid of the body! So, did any of you see that one coming? And didn’t Chadwick really just make the Codys’ very big problem even bigger? Hit the comments if anyone can squint hard enough to spot a way out of this for them.

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