Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: Deran Learns Just How [Bleeped] He Really Is

Warning: The following clip from Sunday’s Animal Kingdom contains the kind of colorful language that regular viewers expect of the Codys.

When the Liquor Board begins confiscating all the booze at The Drop, Animal Kingdom’s Deran knows he’s up the creek. But he doesn’t realize that he also doesn’t have a paddle until the tail end of the above exclusive sneak preview of Sunday’s episode of the TNT drama (9/8c).

At first, the youngest of the Cody brothers storms into the Liquor Board office with steam coming out his ears. The clerk is as patient as she can be with him, but he’s on a potty-mouthed tear. He hasn’t broken any rules, he insists. And anyway, “this isn’t about breaking rules, this is about some a–holes that opened up a bar down the street!”

As the volcano that is Deran gets closer and closer to erupting, a supervisor approaches the ultimate Karen and warns him against intimidating Liquor Board staff. “I’m not threatening anybody,” says Deran, blissfully oblivious to his tone and demeanor.

Finally, the clerk gets to the bottom of The Drop’s sudden, erm, dry spell. And when she reveals who’s really behind it, Deran’s face drops. “Damn, son,” exclaims the supervisor. “Looks like you done pissed off the wrong people.”

To find out who’s behind Deran’s reversal of fortune and watch the scene in full, press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments with your predictions about who will survive — and who won’t make it through — Season 5.

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