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New Equalizer Season 2 Teaser Spotlights McCall/Dante Alliance, Familial Honesty

Honesty is Robyn McCall’s best defense in a new teaser for The Equalizer Season 2.

As part of the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday, CBS released a sizzle reel for the hit reboot’s sophomore run (premiering Sunday Oct. 10 at 8/7c). And Queen Latifah’s McCall can be heard saying, “There are things in this world that no one should have to experience and it is my job to make them right.” Presumably she is addressing her Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) and inquisitive teenage daughter Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes), while a violent bank robbery takes place.  As fans might recall, Delilah figured out her mom’s highly skilled vigilantism in the Season 1 finale, which forced McCall to come to clean.

After the bank robbery goes south and people are hurt and possibly killed, Det. Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles) frantically calls McCall and asks her to equalize something. The two team up and McCall warns her newest sidekick they are not dealing with garden variety criminals. When Dante says he can handle himself, McCall jokingly says, “If you get shot, I’ll kill you.”

McCall also continues to rely on help from Harry (Adam Goldberg), Mel (Liza Lapira) and her former CIA handler Bishop (Chris Noth), and shares endearing moments with them all. Harry worries that he might be jailed if he helps McCall on one of her impossible missions, and Mel and McCall assure him if that happens, they can and will bust him out.

In another scene, McCall asks Bishop to track down a suspect’s known associates and he sarcastically asks if she also wants his pants size and favorite ice cream flavor. Not one to be outdone, McCall snarkily responds that she wants the perpetrator’s shoe size and favorite color instead.

The Equalizer, Season 2 client But it all comes back to her missions and McCall helps children and families while fighting all manners of bad guys in all manners of ways. In between shots of her training and releasing stress by pummeling a punching bag, McCall can be seen fending off one villain with a butcher knife and jumping off a fire escape to get away from others.

“I’ve done what I can to keep people safe,” McCall says in the closing seconds. “And I’ve done my best to keep my family safe. It’s what I was put on this Earth to do, and I’m not stopping.”

Check out the teaser above to see what other kinds of challenging cases McCall will take on and tell us in the comments what you’re hoping to see in Season 2 of The Equalizer.