Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker Lead Corrective Measures Graphic Novel Adaptation — to Premiere on Tubi

Corrective Measures

Die Hardians of the Galaxy?

Tubi, the Fox Entertainment-owned free streaming service, will premiere a movie adaptation of the graphic novel Corrective Measures, starring Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker.

Written, directed and produced by Sean Patrick O’Reilly (Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness), Corrective Measures is set at San Tiburon, an ubermax prison hidden in the Great Northwest and housing monsters, cyborgs, and supervillains, all equipped with 24-hour power inhibitors and shock collars. Most notorious among the inmates is Julius “The Lobe” Loeb (played by Willis), a super genius sitting on an untraceable fortune. Intent on seizing said riches, corrupt prison warden Devlin (Rooker) has been trying to crack The Lobe for years, without success.

The prison’s fragile peace is catapulted into chaos with the arrival of Payback (played by Dan Payne), a murderous vigilante, and Diego Diaz (Brennan Mejia), a driver on a trumped-up sentence.

Corrective Measures, which also stars Tom Cavanagh (The Flash), Kevin Zegers (Rebel), Kat Ruston (The 100) and Hayley Sales (Cedar Cove), is slated for a Spring 2022 premiere on Tubi.

Corrective Measures is a powerfully authentic and captivating sci-fi action film that speaks to our unwavering commitment to provide the Tubi audience with a broad array of compelling original content,” Tubi CCO Adam Lewinson said in a statement.

Writer-director O’Reilly added, “Corrective Measures is a project I’ve been wanting to see come to life from the pages of Arcana’s graphic novel series for a long time. Overseeing this project from script to screen has been an incredible journey, and to have my live-action directing debut at this level with so many talented cast and crew is truly a dream come true.”