Legends Finale Recap: A Wedding Before War, Plus Two Goodbyes

Legends of Tomorrow Recap

Legends of Tomorrow bid adieu to two of its team members during Sunday’s season finale — as well as another important part of its crew!

With nothing left of John but a mushroom, the fountain fading fast in a sick Spooner and Kayla’s ship in Bishop’s custody, things are looking pretty dire at the start of the episode. And it gets worse: An alien pod crash-lands in Odessa circa 1925 and sends a beacon, kicking off a countdown clock to an invasion.

Sara correctly surmises that Bishop’s plan is for her to watch everyone die until they’re the only two left as the new Adam and Eve. Since Bishop is the only one who can save the fountain, and he’s not about to do that, Nate suggests that they fetch his younger self in 2212 to reverse-engineer the serum he gave to Constantine. It’s a crazy plan, but they need to stay one step ahead of Bishop’s ability to think Sara’s thoughts, so it’s officially What Would Sara Never Do? Day.

Meanwhile, Behrad is convinced that John is in the mushroom and tries to get the others to eat it so they can talk to John. A hurt Zari thinks her brother is just high and storms out, but Sara hears a whisper, prompting her to take a nibble. John and Sara are reunited on another plane, where he reveals that even if they fix the physical side of the fountain, the spiritual side will remain ill, and it no longer deems humans worthy of protection. Plus, his life is the only thing keeping the fountain and Spooner alive so he can’t leave. John then confesses that he was wrong about stable relationships not being for him and Sara.

“Loving and being loved, that is the point,” he says before whispering the secret to all life in Sara’s ear, which she shares with the rest of the Legends. “We are all connected!” she announces excitedly, much to their disappointment. (“I think I saw that on a bumper sticker once,” Nate replies.)

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 FinaleYounger Bishop’s antidote saves Spooner’s life, but the alien invasion is still approaching. With John’s words in mind, Sara asks Ava to marry her before the apocalypse. The gang pulls together an outdoor ceremony in under four hours, with Astra conjuring flowers, and Gary and Mick walking Ava and Sara down the aisle, respectively. As the officiant, Nate recalls the first time the couple met: “She had a gun. She had a glare.”

Then Sara and Ava exchange their vows, which are lovely, so enjoy them in full:

Sara: Ava, the perfect woman, what could a mess like me ever have to offer someone as special as you? Can’t exactly say it was love at first sight, but you did look really good in that pantsuit. But the more that I got to know you and I got to feel your kindness and your honesty, this heart, once so cold and guarded, it just… It just melted. Ava, it’s because of you that I get to know what true love feels like. And so today, here in front of all of our friends, I want to make these vows to you: I will always be your champion, your lover. I will always be your family. I will listen to you even when the words are hard to hear, and I will let you in even when I’m afraid. I will support you, I will fight for you and, above all, Ava Sharpe, I will love you.

Ava: Sara, my life before you was a perfect fabrication, and then you came into my world, and everything just became a whirlwind for me. You brought chaos into my tidy, predictable existence, and you pretty much brought me to life. So I vow to you to live this life together. Co-captains forever, baby. I love you so, so much, Sara Lance.


Just as Nate is about to proceed with the ceremony, Bishop crashes the wedding, with the aliens not far behind him. Everyone runs into the house, where one of the ETs scratches Behrad’s arm, infecting him. Sara is about to chop off his arm to save his life when Spooner magically gives him Sara’s healing abilities. She continues to transfer the Legends’ powers to each other as they fight off the aliens. Then Nate notes that Sara and Ava never exchanged “I do’s,” so the team huddles around the brides while Kayla buys them some time. As the couple kisses, their friends linked around them, the fountain once again finds humans worthy and regenerates in the form of a giant mushroom, killing all the aliens. Then Mick’s hungry alien kiddos attack Bishop, eating him. Speaking of the lug and his children, Mick and Sara share a heart-to-heart, during which he announces that he’s moving on with Kayla and his new family. Sara, in turn, gives him a bridal bouquet and tells him he’s next.

Legends of Tomorrow RecapAs for the finale’s other goodbye, Zari visits the fountain’s spot in the woods. “I really did love you. I wish I could have been enough,” she says, looking at the mushrooms. Then John unexpectedly appears and reveals that he’s no longer bound to the fountain, but the chip to his soul once again belongs to a demon.

Zari laments sadly that they mucked up their relationship, just like he predicted. For John, though, it was worth it because even though he’s still a bastard, now he knows what he’s missing, and he’d do it all over again, he confesses. But now he must walk a different path, away from the Legends, he adds, giving Zari a mysterious old key. “What is this for?” a confused Zari asks, to which John cryptically replies, “Find out.”

With the alien threat thwarted, Ava’s kind of nervous about how neatly everything wrapped up for them. “Life is gonna start going our way,” Sara reassures her just as a ship flies by and blows up the Waverider (seemingly stranding the team in the past?).

Legends fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it below, then hit the comments!

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