Rick and Morty (Finally) Casts Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez in Live-Action Segment — Watch

Rick And Morty Christopher Lloyd

Well, this felt pretty inevitable.

Adult Swim on Friday shared an extremely brief — like, 11 seconds long — clip of Rick and Morty returning home after a long mission. Only there’s something different about the titular duo this time around. Perhaps it’s that they’re suddenly live-action. And Rick is played by freaking Christopher Lloyd.

Comparisons between Rick and Morty and Back to the Future — the iconic 1985 time-travel flick starring starred Lloyd and Michael J. Fox — have been commonplace since the cartoon’s inception, and for good reason. Series creator Justin Roiland originally created Rick and Morty as a parody of Back to the Future for Dan Harmon’s short film festival Channel 101.

“I don’t follow it closely, but I’ve seen a few episodes and I gotta tell you, I think it’s a lot of fun,” Lloyd told the Phoenix New Times in 2018. “I know it’s some kind of parody of Doc and Marty.” And when asked if he’d be open to guest-starring on the animated series, he replied, “I’d like to, of course. I think it’s really fun.”

Now, that wish has been granted. Watch the clip below:

As for the actor playing Morty in this instantly viral clip, that’d be Jaeden Martell, who has an impressively long list of credits for someone so young. Not only did Martell play Jacob Barber in the Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob, but he has also held down roles in movies like Knives Out, It and It Chapter Two.

The two-part Rick and Morty season finale (“Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” and “Rickmurai Jack”) airs Sunday at 11/10c on Adult Swim.