Cinderella Gets 'Crosswalk the Musical' Treatment: Is Corden Segment as Frightful as the Leak Made It Seem?


The Late Late Show With James Corden on Thursday aired the Cinderella-themed “Crosswalk the Musical” segment that had already gone viral long before air — and for all the wrong reasons.

On Aug. 28, an unsuspecting Los Angeles driver captured video of Corden, Camila Cabello, Billy Porter and Idina Menzel stopping traffic to perform a cover of Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud.” And let’s just say social media didn’t respond well — specifically to Corden’s performance. (Perhaps it was all the thrusting?) See it for yourself below:

Timed to the release of the new Cinderella (which Corden also produced), the late-night series’ latest crosswalk production featured additional covers of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and The Manhattans’ “Shining Star,” as well as the film’s original number “Million to One” — and now that we’ve seen the segment as it was meant to be seen, we have to ask: Was it better (or worse) than you expected it to be?

Cinderella, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, is described as a “bold new take on the traditional story you grew up with.” This time around, “our heroine (Cabello) is an ambitious young woman whose dreams are bigger than the world will allow — but with the help of her Fab G (Porter), she is able to persevere and make her dreams come true.” Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine and Pierce Brosnan also co-star.


Press PLAY on the video above to watch “Crosswalk the Musical” in its entirety, then drop a comment with your full review.