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Clickbait Stars React to Killer Finale Reveals: 'The Villains Don't Always Have a Curly Mustache and a Top Hat'

Clickbait Finale Ending Explained

Spoiler alert: We’re about to break down the finale of Netflix’s Clickbait. Haven’t finished the season? Get to streaming!

The mystery surrounding Nick Brewer’s murder was finally put to bed in the eighth episode of Netflix’s limited series Clickbait. And if you were surprised by what was ultimately revealed, you’re in good company with star Adrian Grenier.

“It’s a testament to the show’s great writing that it felt like literally everyone could have been involved,” Grenier tells TVLine, adding that he was “apparently” the only cast member who wasn’t told about the killer before reading the finale script.

Episode 8 revealed that the catfish was Nick’s kindly office manager Dawn, whose dangerous game led to a number of broken hearts and one tragic suicide. When it came to Nick’s actual murder, it was Dawn’s husband Ed who finished the job that Simon began.

“The villains don’t always have a curly mustache and a top hat,” Grenier says. “Sometimes the villains are your neighbors, the people who look the most innocent.” (That said, never trust a grown man with an elaborate toy train set in his basement.)

As for how Nick’s wife Sophie (played by Betty Gabriel) can possibly move on from this unthinkable series of events, the actress hopes that her character “leans on her family, feels her feelings and processes all of that. It will obviously take a lot of time, but she has so much love in her life — between her kids, her sister-in-law and their mothers.”

Speaking of that sister-in-law, Gabriel says that working with Zoe Kazan (who played Pia) was a “wonderfully collaborative” experience. “While our characters are polar opposites, we really got along well,” she tells TVLine. “She’s such an extraordinary storyteller, in front of the camera and behind it. There’s so much to what an actor brings to a role that you don’t necessarily see on screen. She’s brilliant.”

Clickbait Finale Ending ExplainedIn terms of what viewers should take away from their Clickbait viewing experience, Grenier says there’s a deeper message about “how we participate in social media,” including what and how we consume it. “Get your media diet in check and recognize that what you put out and what you consume actually affects the world,” he says.

Fellow Clickbait bingers, did you correctly predict the real catfish? And what did you think of the finale’s other major reveals? Weigh in via our polls below, then drop a comment with your full review.