Blind Item: Long-Running Broadcast Drama Poised to Kick Off New Season With Massive Time Jump

Blind Item Time Jump

A very well established hour-long drama series on one of the five broadcast networks is about to hit the big time jump button.


Sources confirm to TVLine that the producers of said series are moving forward with a plan to kick off the drama’s new — and possibly final — season with a two-year leap forward.

To narrow the field of possibilities a bit, we’ll go ahead and rule out an entire genre; the time warp-inclined drama is not superhero-themed. Heck, we’ll take it one step further and declare that this particular Blind Item is not linked to any show on The CW. (Note: It’s entirely possible a CW series, unbeknownst to us, is also eyeing a significant time jump — just know it’s not the subject of this specific stealth scoop riddle.)

OK, you know the drill: Head to the comments section and speculate away!

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