Post Mortems

Heels Premiere: Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig Break Down That Twist Ending — Plus, Grade It!

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Heels’ series premiere. Read at your own risk.

That was cold, Jack Spade.

Just when his brother Ace thought he was on his way to the big leagues, Jack snatched that dream away by going off script and intentionally injuring him in the ring. The bold move also killed Ace’s momentum with DWL fans, who immediately turned on the rising star for the lackluster blink-and-you-missed-it main event match and his tearful reaction in the aftermath.

Stephen Amell, who plays Jack, called that twist ending his favorite decision of the season because of how messed up it is.

“The decision is a bad one by Jack, but people make bad decisions sometimes when they’re put under pressure,” Amell tells TVLine. “It’s my favorite decision that he makes this season because it’s just so much more interesting, colorful and real when you watch someone f–k up. The fracture that that creates between Jack and Ace is the foundation of the first season of the show.”

Alexander Ludwig, who plays Ace, is also a big fan of that twist ending and where it takes the brothers this season.

“That was my favorite part,” Ludwig shares. “I was expecting this massive wrestling match at the end, and it’s so anticlimactic but so heart-wrenching… What happens when someone goes off script, and it’s a live show? And this is now the new storyline? What happens then? I always heard this from Adam [Copeland, aka Edge] and Dwayne Johnson when they told me stories about when people didn’t like each other in the ring, and it was live. It’s wild to explore. That fracture on their relationship… it’s on the verge of irreparable. Ace is ready to kill his brother.”

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