Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Sums Up Negan and Maggie's Face-Off in Final Season: He'll 'Have to Kill Her'

the walking dead negan kills maggie season 11 spoilers

Now that The Walking Dead has returned Maggie to the fold, the show may not be big enough for both her and Negan, says Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the reformed villain that widowed her. The Saviors’ former leader, “in his head, had made some progress with this group. [By the time Season 11 starts, already] he’s saved just about everybody at one time or another and put his life on the line to kill Alpha.

“He’d done some good things. Then suddenly,” he adds, “Maggie’s back, and he’s back at square one from nine years ago, show-wise. It’s precarious at best.”

And at worst? Potentially deadly. “I think she’s going to have to kill him,” Morgan tells TVLine, “or he’s going to have to kill her, especially as we find them in the first two episodes,” the first of which premieres on AMC Sunday, Aug. 22, at 9/8c. “It’s not a good place to be for either of them. Negan is frustrated, and Maggie is pissed, for obvious reasons, that this guy is out of jail and seemingly in a better headspace than the last time she saw him.

“We’ll see how that plays out,” he continues, “but it’s not going to be an easy run.”

Though it will also be hard for Morgan to say goodbye to Negan, what with this being the series’ final season, he isn’t even starting that process yet. “We’ve still got a long f—king way to go,” he notes. (The supersized Season 11 won’t finish airing until 2022.) “I’ll still talk to you at least one or two more times before this is all said and done, so it’s important to keep the emotions in check.

“We have a couple of cast members who I think have cried during every interview,” he goes on. “We still have another Comic-Con to do! So I’m trying to pace myself emotionally.”

What say you, Dead-heads? Would the show really let Negan, ahem, reunite Maggie with Glenn? Would it allow her to avenge her husband and cut short Negan’s redemption? Hit the comments with your theories.