Stargirl Sneak Peek: Green Lantern's Daughter Is a Blast From Pat's Past

This Tuesday on DC’s Stargirl, a genuine JSA legacy is in the house, and that elicits reactions from both Pat and a green-with-envy Courtney.

At the close of the CW series’ Season 2 premiere, Court (played by Brec Bassinger) late one night discovered an intruder downstairs, and in turn found herself in a kitchen-trashing tussle with a young woman who identified herself as “Green Lantern’s daughter” (played by Ysa Penarejo of Red Ruby and Project Mc2).

In the exclusive sneak peek above, this ring-wearing lantern seeker, Jenny, explains her presence as well as details her lineage, the latter of which strikes a chord with Pat (Luke Wilson). Court, meanwhile, finds herself deflated when explaining to Jenny her connection to Starman’s legacy. Press play above to watch the introductions unfold.

Previewing her character’s dynamic with Jenny, Bassinger told TVLine, “One of Courtney’s main struggles this season is swallowing the fact that what she thought was her destiny, Starman being her father, isn’t. It’s still a fresh wound.”

And because Jenny “really is a superhero’s daughter, and seems to have everything together, I think there’s an instant ping of jealousy, which is not a normal feeling for Courtney,” Bassinger said. “I don’t think that’s something she faces a lot, so it’s something she struggles with when first meeting Jenny”

Elsewhere in the episode “Summer School: Chapter Two,” airing Tuesday at 8/7c: Barbara (Amy Smart) and Pat become concerned after receiving a visit from a mysterious antiques collector named Richard Swift (guest star Jonathan Cake), while Cindy (Meg DeLacy) starts setting her and Eclipso’s own plan in motion.

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