Kit Harington Singing 'Drops of Jupiter' on Fallon Is the Most Random Thing You'll Watch Today

Game of Thrones vet Kit Harington is not a professional singer — and there’s no mistaking him for one. But TV’s erstwhile King of the North gave it the ol’ college try on Thursday when he straight up went for it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and belted out Train’s seminal masterpiece, “Drops of Jupiter.”

So, why exactly did Harington subject himself to this? Allow Fallon to explain:

“Years ago, we had an idea for a bit called ‘Straight Up Goes For It,'” he said. “It was a simple idea: We wanted somebody to come out and straight up sing ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by the band Train. That’s it. That’s the whole idea.

“The sketch has been our white whale,” Fallon acknowledged. “We’ve been pitching it for years — to dozens of people. Famous people who you know and love… They sing in movies, they dance, and they actually have music out. They all passed on it. But not tonight. Tonight that changes, because we finally have someone who has the guts to do it.”

Before Harington began, Fallon acknowledged that the actor “doesn’t play the piano,” and “he doesn’t even really know how to sing… He’s doing it because he’s cool and he’s funny, and he gets it.” And there’s no denying that Harington gives it his all. (His initial fake piano playing is quite impressive!)

Harington appeared on Thursday’s Tonight Show in support of Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Modern Love; all eight episodes are now streaming.

Press PLAY on the video above to hear “Drops of Jupiter” like you’ve never heard it before, then hit the comments with your reactions.