Walker Finale Preview: Cordell Makes Some 'Bold Moves,' Like Taking Emily's Killer Hostage — Watch Sneak Peek

Walker‘s latest twist in the criminal circumstances surrounding the death of the titular Texas Ranger’s wife are going to send Cordell Walker down a dark and dangerous road in Thursday’s season finale (The CW, 8/7c).

In case you need a refresher — and we don’t blame you if you do; it’s been several weeks since the show aired a new episode — Walker recently discovered that family friend Stan was involved in Emily’s murder. When viewers last saw the Texas Ranger, he was taken captive by Stan’s men, but ultimately got the upper hand on them and turned his gun on his wife’s killer. And as seen in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from the season ender, Walker isn’t going to play by the rules when it comes to making Stan pay for his crimes.

“I feel like Walker’s whole world has just been turned upside down when he makes this discovery about Stan and about Emily,” Lindsey Morgan, who plays Walker’s partner Micki, tells TVLine. “It’s just that sickening feeling when you realize your whole life is a lie at this point. That’s what Walker’s going through. And also just the paranoia of, ‘Well, who can I even trust now in my inner circle, because this man is so close to me and my family? And how much danger am I actually in now?'”

Not knowing which authorities might be dirty, Walker “makes some bold moves and bold decisions that Micki and Captain James would not be OK with!” Morgan previews. “But he’s doing it because it’s personal. So you really see Walker having to grapple with living by the law, and also the feelings in his heart, the rage he feels.”

Thankfully, there is one person Walker can count on: “Micki is unaware until she gets a call from Walker, and Walker tells her she’s the only one he can trust, and he needs her,” Morgan reveals.

Walker’s story “just sounds insane, absolutely insane, the point to where Micki’s like, ‘Did Walker just dive off the deep end and lose it?'” Morgan says. “But there’s so much trust that’s been built into that friendship and that relationship and that partnership over the season, and there’s so much respect. Even someone who is so by-the-book as Micki is, she’s willing to let that go and trust Walker and be there for him to protect him and help him figure out what to do with this mess.”

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