Virgin River Tops Streaming Rankings, Ending Manifest's Run at No. 1

Virgin River Season 3 Finale

In its first full week with all three seasons streaming on Netflix, Virgin River topped Nielsen’s U.S. streaming rankings, knocking the in-limbo Manifest down a peg.

For the week of July 12, Virgin River (a Netflix original series) amassed 2.1 billion minutes viewed across 30 episodes, easily claiming the No. 1 spot.

Manifest — cancelled by NBC and still holding out for some sort of Season 4 “save”  — in turn slipped to second place with 1.3 billion minutes viewed, ending a four-week run as leader of the streaming pack.

Rounding out the latest Nielsen streaming Top 5 were Disney+’s Loki (with just over a billion minutes viewed across six episodes), Grey’s Anatomy (793 million minutes viewed on Netflix) and CocoMelon (700 million minutes viewed on Netflix).

Black Widow — which was simultaneously released to theaters and Disney + (with Premiere Access) and last week hit the Nielsen ranking at No. 9 — fell off the chart, while the Netflix original movie Gunpowder Milkshake this week debuted at No. 8.

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