Big Brother Recap: Who Became Evictee No. 5? And What's the New Twist?

Big Brother Week 5 Eviction

The season’s final pre-jury eviction arrived at the Big Brother house on Thursday night — and for the first time this summer, it was actually a bit of a nailbiter.

The show opted to hold this week’s Power of Veto ceremony until the top of Thursday’s episode, so we had to wait an extra day to learn that Christian was put on the block next to Sarah Beth after Britini saved herself. And yet, with several days between the veto ceremony and actual eviction, there was ample time for Derek X.’s backdoor plan to fail. Read on for the details:

THE STRATEGY | Sarah Beth feels pretty good about her chances of staying over Christian, so she decides to lie low and work on her latest creepy “Row Row Row Your Boat” verses. Christian, meanwhile, has a ton of campaigning ahead of him, and to his credit, he’s relentless in reminding the houseguests that he and Derek X. will remain each other’s primary targets as long as they’re both in the house, which takes the focus off everyone else.

Tiffany, who was initially committed to evicting Christian, starts to consider that it’s best for her and some of her allies’ games to keep Christian, and she easily sells both Xavier and Claire on the idea of booting Sarah Beth instead. With Alyssa as a lock to keep Christian, only one more vote is needed to flip the house, and Tiffany tries to make Britini that vote.


But that doesn’t go over too well with Derek F. and Azah, Britini’s former fellow Jokers, who refuse to let Tiffany get in a one-on-one conversation with Britini. (And judging by Derek F.’s frequent use of the phrase “fake-ass bitch” to describe Tiffany in this episode, The Cookout could be on the verge of getting rained out.)

THE EVICTION | In the end, Christian’s admirable campaigning efforts are for naught: He’s evicted 7-2, with only Xavier and Alyssa voting to keep him. He’s a good sport about it, though, commending Derek X. for fulfilling his goal this week — and he lays a big ol’ smooch on Alyssa, which Xavier unwittingly and hilariously blocks from view.

THE NEXT TWIST | Thursday’s episode is so front-loaded with pre-taped segments that there isn’t time for a live Head of Household competition. But before her head vanishes from that teeny tiny TV in the living room, Julie Chen Moonves informs the houseguests of the forthcoming High Roller’s Room, a new section of the Big Brother house that will allow players to spend BB Bucks on casino games and potentially snag one of three enticing powers.

It’s up to America, though, to award BB Bucks to the houseguests. Each week for the next three weeks, the top three vote-getters will earn 100 BB Bucks, the next three will earn 75 and everyone else will earn 50 — and the better the power, the more expensive it will be. In the timeless words of Rachel Green: “Ooh, that’s interesting!”

How do you feel about Christian’s eviction? And which player(s) will be raking in your BB Bucks? Drop a comment below!

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