Superman & Lois Returns: Stacey Farber Reflects on the 'Gift' of Playing Leslie, Teases Finale Face-Off With [Spoiler]

Superman & Lois Stacey Farber

From her earliest days on Degrassi to her more recent work on Virgin River, Stacey Farber has built a career out of playing the girl next door. So she never expected to find herself straddling Superman in the middle of the woods, much less pummeling his face with her own fists of steel.

“It’s all pretty surreal,” Farber tells TVLine of playing the villainous Leslie Larr on Superman & Lois, which returns to The CW tonight (9/8c) for its final run of Season 1 episodes. “But especially that moment. I was like, ‘Whoa! He’s an icon. This feels wrong.'” (Click here to watch!)

Farber calls this role a “welcome gift,” one that has surprised her every step of the way. “When I got the audition, her character description didn’t say she had super powers,” the actress recalls. “It said she was athletic and strong — which I’m not, so the joke’s on them — but I was hopeful that she might turn out to be a superhero. And I’ve auditioned for lots of different roles on these superhero shows. You do them, you throw them out there and you hope [the producers] take interest. When they did, I was like, ‘This is sweet and unexpected and I can’t wait to play a villain.”

And then there’s that suit. “They showed me a mock-up of what they were thinking, and I just thought it looked so chic,” she says. “I was like, ‘Sick! I get a super suit that’s elegant? I look like I’m going to a cocktail party or a gala. This is nice.’ And it’s made of this scuba suit material, which is really thick, so that’s comfortable. I thought it was sexy. I like that I had a cape and a belt, I loved the whole thing. I could sleep in that suit, it’s so comfortable.”

As the right-hand woman of evil billionaire Morgan Edge — later revealed to be Tal-Rho, Superman’s estranged half-brother — Farber’s Leslie has raised her share of hell in Smallville and Metropolis. And with only two episodes left this season, the time is fast approaching for her to take care of some unfinished business.

“Leslie finally gets to confront Lois” in next week’s finale, Farber teases. “They have an intense conversation, which I think is long overdue. Lois has been dismissing her and insulting her to her face all season. Leslie has had to hold back, and she finally gets an opportunity to speak. I’m excited to see it. I hope it’s good for my demo reel.”

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