Big Brother Recap: Who Became the Season's First Female Evictee?

Big Brother Hannah Whitney Evicted

In a complete reversal of last summer’s first three Big Brother evictions — which sent female All-Stars Keesha Smith, Nicole Anthony and Janelle Pierzina out the door all in a row — Season 23 has only booted men so far: Travis, Frenchie and, with a nice side of schadenfreude, Brent.

That streak of fellas had to end on Thursday, though, with two ladies — Hannah and Whitney — sitting on the block for the entire week. And with the Power of Veto going unused by Christian, Thursday’s episode was guaranteed to send one of Derek X.’s Aces teammates out the door. (Not that teammates count for much anymore, because the Teams Twist is officially over! Huzzah!)

Read on for the highlights of the latest eviction:

THE STRATEGY | Perhaps it’s just because this season’s evictions have felt like foregone conclusions thus far, but the show isn’t dedicating much time on Thursdays to the nominees’ campaigning efforts. If Hannah had any one-on-one conversations with other players this week, asking them to keep her safe, we certainly don’t see those in this episode.

We do get a glimpse of Whitney making a last-ditch effort to save her own skin, by relaying to Alyssa (who then relays it to Christian) that Hannah thinks Christian is someone to keep around because he’s easily manipulated. For a minute there, an offended Christian does seem to consider making Hannah his target instead of Whitney, though it is a little funny that after learning he’s perceived to be a malleable puppy dog, Christian responds to that information by… being a malleable puppy dog.

Meanwhile, most of the pre-taped segments are dedicated to Tiffany, who crafts a master plan to get the entire Cookout to the Final Six: Each of them needs to partner up with a non-Cookout member and become very close with those pawns, ensuring that if a Cookout member goes on the block, they’d likely get nominated alongside their non-Cookout partner instead of someone from The Cookout. The plan is a long con, and it’s very well-formulated — but will it unfold as smoothly as Tiffany seems to hope it will? Hmmm…

THE EVICTION | Even though a Hannah blindside seems possible for a hot second, it is Whitney who leaves the house, after all. She’s evicted unanimously, which seems to surprise her a bit, but the shock fades when Julie informs her of the Royal Flush alliance, which includes one of Whitney’s own teammates. And in the episode’s sweetest moment, Whitney learns that Azah’s been harboring a crush on Xavier, and she immediately feels guilty for getting cozy with Xavier in front of Azah — proving that Whitney was probably not ruthless enough for this game.

THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION | After the houseguests learn that the Teams Twist is over (as is the Wildcard Competition), it’s time for the season’s first endurance-based Head of Household competition. If you’re a longtime BB viewer, you know the drill: They’ve gotta hang on as long as they can to an increasingly tilted wall, all while rain intermittently pours down on them. As the credits roll, everyone’s looking focused — though Azah appears to be shivering just a bit. To the live feeds we go!

OK, your turn. Were you sad to see Whitney go? And who are you rooting for in the HOH competition? Drop all your thoughts below!

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