Tyler Perry's Sistas Recap: Now It's Gary's Turn to Be Suspicious

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Gary the hypocrite

Gary has some nerve getting mad at Andi for secretly meeting with Robin on Tyler Perry’s Sistas.

After making a scene at the restaurant and peppering Andi and Robin with accusatory questions and comments, Gary left and went home so that Andi could finish her work-related conversation with an attractive and slightly annoyed Robin, who really is opposing counsel on her current case. When Andi got home, Gary picked up where he left off at the restaurant.

He asked Andi why she lied, but she refused to say she had and instead called it a “lie of omission” because she didn’t want to tell him anything that could possibly make him angry. To avoid conflict, Andi said she didn’t mention Robin or why they were linking up after hours to talk about a possible settlement.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Robin and AndiThis only angered Gary more, and he accused Andi of being condescending. Andi argued that she was not placating him, but Gary had had it and grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for the door. He said he was going to the gym, but this only angered Andi further because this is the excuse he used to use when he was married and cheating on his ex-wife Jasmine with her.

Gary said he really was going to the gym, and Andi threw up her hands in frustration. Later, when she talked to Karen on the phone, she confessed that she thought Gary was lying to her about where he was going in retaliation to what she’d done with Robin, and she actually had no idea if Gary came home that night.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Maurice and Q harassed Calvin before going to Maurice’s room and hooking up, Jacobi stopped by Sabrina’s place and apologized for falsely accusing her of sexual harassment and Danni gave Preston the cold shoulder… again. At Karen’s salon, she found out the hard way that one of her stylists, Isaiah, left and started his own beauty shop and took a good chunk of her clientele with him by charging half the price she does.

Aaron stopped by the salon to see Karen and said that as a preacher, he didn’t feel right fornicating with her the way he had, even if he still wanted her sexually. Instead, he suggested that they have an innocent date with dinner and a movie. Karen agreed, and they ironed out the details. Lastly, Zac got a call from the bank and discovered that, thanks to that stock tip, he’s a rich man now.

Tyle Perry Sistas Gary Suspicious FaceBut back to Gary and Andi, who really should break up. He came home the following morning (morning?!) and said he stayed the night at the gym. An understandably incredulous Andi said she had a hard time believing that Gary had spent six hours at the gym.

Gary stuck to his story and said he’d also been talking to his therapist — oh, God. Not her again? — that morning and she wanted to meet with the two of them. Andi begrudgingly agreed, but after Gary went to shower, she said out loud that the whole circumstance was bulls–t.

What do you think of Gary’s six-hour gym session, and what do you believe it will take for Andi to finally dump his ass? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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