You Are My Spring K-Drama Recap (Episode 9): That Long-Awaited Kiss

You Are My Spring, Da Jeong and Young Do kiss

Just when it felt like Da Jeong and Young Do would never kiss, they did. And it was as awesome as we all imagined it would be on the latest episode of the Netflix K-drama You Are My Spring.

Of course, we had to wait for the passionate pucker just as long as the couple did — nine episodes. Which meant suffering through scenes where Ian Chase stared at Da Jeong longingly and then jealously when he saw Da Jeong and Young Do together. Much like Da Jeong’s coworker, we can’t figure out why Da Jeong keeps letting this guy hang around.

Maybe it’s out of sympathy after Da Jeong heard about Ian’s racist coworker. Or perhaps she still misses and wonders about Chae, his deceased twin. But this relationship makes little sense ever since dude choked her. But there she was, laughing with him at dinner and later translating the restaurant owners’ mocking words when he ate too quickly.

You Are My Spring, Da JeongIan even managed to mention to Young Do and Da Jeong that he likes Da Jeong and is “curious” about her. If you say so, my dude. But Ian really should leave Da Jeong alone if for no other reason than he has a homeless man stalking him, which adds yet another mystery to the unanswered question pile for good old Ian. That’s the main reason Young Do keeps asking him things. Much like the soapy drama, however, Ian has given very few answers.

What was refreshing — aside from that kiss between those two lovebirds, of course — was finally finding out what happened to Da Jeong’s father. In the premiere episode, it seemed as though Mi Ran, Da Jeong’s mother, had killed her father in self-defense and fled with her and her younger brother. Thanks to a wonderfully orchestrated flashback, we learned that he hit her and she pulled a knife but ultimately said she couldn’t kill him.

Instead, Mi Ran asked Da Jeong’s father to get his act together and to not look for her and the kids after they’d left him. Based on Mi Ran’s lantern wish, it looks like we will be seeing Da Jeong’s dad again. We just don’t know when and how.

You Are My Spring, Hyun-Kyung OhSpeaking of Mi Ran, she’s all about her daughter’s love life and even sent her younger brother, Tae Jeong, to spy on Da Jeong and Young Do. Tae Jeong in turn had dinner with the two (Young Do wasn’t actually invited, but his dinner crash worked out) and approved of Da Jeong’s neighbor and suitor. He even told their mom that Young Do is a good guy.

Which leads us to that kiss. Da Jeong dropped off a shirt at Young Do’s office to replace the one she accidentally ripped. And in the bag with the shirt was a sweet love letter that explained that she’d miss him while away on business for three days. Eager to see her before she split, Young Do ran to find Da Jeong, who was on her way to talk to a friend.

The friend’s chat went longer than expected, and while waiting for her, Young Do fell asleep in one of her rooftop chairs and dreamt that she’d left him for good. When Da Jeong awakened him, he pleaded with her not to leave and planted a long and passionate kiss on her shocked but pleased lips. Sigh. So romantic. Goodbye, Ian Chase.

What did you think of Da Jeong and Young Do’s amazing smooch on the latest You Are My Spring? And are you hoping Ian’s mystery will get solved sooner than later so we can all focus on Da Jeong and Young Do already? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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