HAHN Cast Reunion, Part 2 Sneak Peek: Angela Robinson Shares How She Made Peace With Veronica's Homophobia

Anyone who has a heart had to have winced — and we’re talking a lot — watching The Haves and the Have NotsAngela Robinson bring to life the OWN soap’s queen of mean, Veronica Harrington. It wasn’t just that the character was as vicious as they come, it was that the harpy was horrifically homophobic.

The actress, too, cringed with some regularity. For instance, as she admits in the above sneak peek at Part 2 of the Tyler Perry drama’s reunion special (Tuesday, 8/7c), “When people come up to me and say, ‘I just love you!’ I get a little [worried] — like, ‘What about her do you love?’ I always want to be sure it’s not her homophobia, because the gay community has been one of my most supportive.”

Robinson, whose sublimely nasty turn on the show has made Veronica a villainess for the ages, goes on to confess that initially, she had a hard time playing someone who was both so hateful and hated. “But what I tried to do was represent the stories of my friends,” she explains. “I felt like if I represented those people [like Veronica] well and truthfully that they would see themselves and say, ‘I don’t want to be that,’ and maybe they will approach it differently if their children come out to them.”

Time and again, Robinson hoped against hope that Veronica would have an epiphany and form some kind of nontoxic relationship with her son, Jeffrey, who is gay. But then something happened that made her realize that there was value in the two of them not kissing and making up. To find out what that was, press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments. Is anyone not praying that Perry will decide to do a Veronica vs. Hanna spinoff?