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Ted Lasso's Juno Temple Is 'Delighted' by Keeley's New Kink: Men Are 'Sexy and Delicious' When Vulnerable

Roy and Keeley’s relationship is as strong as ever at the start of Ted Lasso Season 2 — but the former footballer is thrown for a loop when he catches his girlfriend in a very intimate moment midway through Friday’s episode.

In the scene, Roy walks into Keeley’s bedroom and sees her “having a wank” while watching previously teased footage of his emotional retirement presser.

“I was delighted beyond belief by that scene,” Emmy nominee Juno Temple tells TVLine in the video above. “It truly covered so many emotions — so, like, a micro-universe insight into a relationship: You’ve got being caught doing something that maybe you don’t want your partner to catch you doing, then telling a little casual white lie, which brings humor into it, and then, also, possible exchange of a kink.”

Roy is positively mortified, but Keeley is not — at least not once she gets over the initial shock of Roy barging in on her. What follows is a larger discussion about just how rarely Roy has allowed himself to be passionate and vulnerable — two qualities that Keeley finds positively irresistible in a man — ever since he stopped playing football.

“Men are beautiful and sexy and delicious when they want to be vulnerable,” Temple says on behalf of Keeley… and maybe herself. “It’s hot, and I like it!”

Keeley ultimately persuades Roy to give TV punditry a chance so he can be closer to the game that has meant so much to him — the very game that drove him to tears when a bum knee forced him to give it up. Watch the Q&A above to see what fellow Emmy nominee Brett Goldstein has to say about a possible extended cut of Roy’s press conference that viewers haven’t seen (#ReleaseTheTape), then hit the comments with your thoughts on Episode 2.

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