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The Walking Dead Drops First Photo of Laila Robins as the New Governor — Plus, Latest Teaser Has Negan Spooked

As if The Walking Dead hadn’t taught us long ago not to trust a governor. On Thursday, the AMC drama released new Season 11 photos, one of which reveals that The Blacklist vet Laila Robins appears to be as sweet as can be as Pamela Milton, the governor of the Commonwealth mega-community.

But, of course, looks can be deceiving — and on this show, more often than not are. So we’re about as suspicious of Pamela’s friendly smile as… well, as we are of new cast member Josh Hamilton’s Commonwealth bean counter Lance Hornsby, who is seen in another image being escorted on a seemingly casual stroll by a well-armed soldier. (Still no word as to who will be playing Pamela’s spoiled brat of a son, Sebastian, a key character in the last leg of Robert Kirkman’s comic books.)

In addition to the new pics, ahead of the series’ August 22 return (or August 15, if you’ll be streaming it on AMC+), the network released a new teaser for the first arc of its final-season trilogy. In the action-packed clip — seriously, you’d have to watch it twice to take it all in — even the unflappable Negan is shook to the point that he identifies an unnerving sound as being “God telling us to turn around.”

To watch the teaser, press PLAY on the video at the top of this post. To see the photos, click on the gallery above. Then hit the comments to kindly reassure me I’m not the only one getting wigless Effie Trinket vibes from Pamela.

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