Supergirl Can't Shake Phantom Zone Fears in Trailer for Final Episodes

Supergirl’s titular hero may have escaped the Phantom Zone, but that harrowing experience has stayed with her.

The CW has dropped a new trailer for the remaining episodes of the Arrowverse series’ sixth and final season (back Tuesday, Aug. 24), and it shows the Girl of Steel struggling with the trauma she endured while stuck in the Phantom Zone’s harsh environment, as well as the lingering fear she just can’t seem to shake.

“What if that fear never goes away?” the teary-eyed superhero asks her sister Alex in the preview.

But Kara won’t be dealing with this alone. She has the support of her friends and family, including Brainy (“I will be the sun every step of the way”) and her father Zor-El, who also escaped the Phantom Zone at the end of Episode 7.

The remaining episodes will find the Super Friends going up against a formidable threat that is destroying Earth’s oceans and, according to Zor-El, architecting a world-ending collapse similar to Krypton’s.

Expect to see some familiar faces return for the final episodes, including Nyxly, the Fifth Dimensional imp Kara encountered during her time in the Phantom Zone. Unbeknownst to the Super Friends, Nyxly hitched a ride to Earth on the Tower.

The preview also teases Kelly Olsen’s superhero alter-ego Guardian, who will debut in Episode 12 airing Tuesday, Sept. 21. (Azie Tesfai, who plays Kelly, co-wrote the episode alongside co-producer J. Holtha; Arrow alum David Ramsey directed the hour, which will tackle racial inequality and see the actor reprise his role as John Diggle.)

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