LeVar Burton's Jeopardy! Hosting Debut Upstaged by the Lowest Score Ever

Jeopardy Lowest Score Ever

LeVar Burton’s debut as the latest in a string of Jeopardy! guest hosts was, for better or worse, one for the record books.

For as Burton held court on Monday night in his highly anticipated first turn as guest host, player Patrick Pearce, a product specialist from California, wound up amassing the lowest number of dollars — negative 7,400 of them, to be exact.

Pearce reportedly (but clearly!) struggled throughout the game, but his fate was sealed when his incorrect response to a Daily Double thrust his tally into record-breaking lows. Winding up in the red, Pearce was thus unable to participate in the Final Jeopardy round.

Pearce’s final score of “-$7,400” broke the Jeopardy! record held since  March 2015 by Stephanie Hull, whose tote board ended up with “-$6,800.”

Burton’s run as Jeopardy! guest host extends through this Friday. The Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: TNG favorite will then be followed by CNBC’s David Faber and sportscaster Joe Buck.