Tyler Perry's Sistas' KJ Smith Explains Why Andi Chin-Checks Gary 24/7

Tyler Perry Sistas Andi Gotcha Face

Even if Andi doesn’t catch Gary cheating on Tyler Perry’s Sistas, we all know she has multiple reasons to be suspicious.

And when Episode 8 of the BET drama airs this Wednesday at 9/8c, fans will see an enraged Andi barge into the couple’s bedroom after her assistant Fatima called and said she heard moaning through the door.

Is Gary hooking up with his ex-wife Jasmine again? Maybe it’s his therapist or even a sex tape (as some fans have vehemently suggested). KJ Smith, the actress who brings the stunningly beautiful but sometimes naive lady lawyer Andi to life every week, says her character is within her rights to do whatever she has to do to keep Gary honest.

“When you have a loving, trusting, healthy relationship, your person has given you no reason not to trust them,” Smith said during a recent Instagram Live chat with fans. (Tyler Perry’s Sistas continues to stronghold its position as the No. 1 scripted series on cable for African Americans 18-49.)

“However, Gary has given Andi a bajillion reasons not to trust him,” she added.

Tyle Perry Sistas Gary Suspicious FaceSmith said this is why Andi attempted to hack into Gary’s phone in a previous episode. After all, she was once his mistress who used to hook up with him early in the morning at the gym.

“She said, ‘There is a reason why I don’t trust you,'” Smith reiterated. “A lot of women say they would never check [their man’s] phone. Never say never. When someone breaks your trust, you don’t know how you’re going to feel. When the trust is broken, that phone is free game.”

She added that “your job is to prove to me that we can continue. I should have your phone password. If you’ve broken trust with your partner, those are the consequences. That’s the probationary period for you to build trust again.”

Which begs the question: If Andi has to withstand Olympic-level feats just to keep Gary in check, why does she stay with him?

“I do believe in giving your partner a second chance,” Smith concludes with a shrug. “If you’re that type of person.”

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